Just the Girl On a Cold Night

Author’s note: This past week marks thirteen years since the passing of Robert Palmer. His music has inspired this piece.

Evan waited with his fingers tapping on the dashboard.lips-468915_1280 polyamory erotica

The evening was cold enough that those walking past the car breathed out white puffs of air. It was not yet cold enough to snow, but that would not be far behind.

He didn’t like waiting. Especially now as the car windows fogged up and there was nothing good on the radio. This was improper as she should be waiting for him.

He was still the new guy to Meg, though. Meg’s family and vanilla life kept getting in the way of their explorations, but they were dealing with the opportunities they had.

Evan smiled. Meg was his now. Domestic Darryl, as Evan liked to call Meg’s husband, was lucky to be still in the situation at all.

He’d not yet met Darryl, and had little interest in ever doing it. It seemed a safe assumption that Evan and Darryl had a lot in common but split off while Evan went the alpha path and Darryl retreated to the introvert couch. With how quickly this had all evolved, it was apparent that Meg needed more than Darryl could hope to offer. It was even more evident that Evan was now her primary.

That’s why he waited.

Another vehicle passed with the slap of rubber on asphalt as it carried on down the road.

Tonight Meg introduced Evan to a group of her girlfriends.

Girlfriends who all seemed to swoon over him. Three of them passed him their number in confidence.

Being the honest man he was, he would make sure Meg was cool with things before texting any of them, but his ego was floating high.

It had already been riding high before they got there. He had pulled into a favorite dark parking lot, dragged Meg from the car, and fucked her hard over the hood. His cock pushed into her deep as his hand spanked her hard.

By the time they got to those friends, her ass was warm and red.

Being Meg had worn the mid-thigh tight little black dress Evan had instructed, the girlfriends didn’t notice. That dress also made the car hood activity much simpler than had Meg worn pants.

She was just the girl he needed.

The one that would accept his commands whether in the bedroom or on her fashion choices.

Meg stepped out the door of the restaurant followed by a tall, leggy blonde, Yolanda.

Evan watched as they embraced and knew that he’d be texting Yolanda for a threesome with Meg soon. He chuckled with the thoughts of seeing two female heads around his cock, one with brunette over brown and the other blonde over blue. It had been much too long since he’d enjoyed the company of two women.

Meg turned from Yolanda and began to march to the car.

A chuckle slipped from his throat. Sure he would make sure Meg was cool with him contacting Yolanda, Amanda, and Suzzy, but he would frame it as a command leaving her little say in the matter.

If she had any real problem, she would say, and he would respect that. His threesome vision, however, was now a fivesome with Evan’s cock as the center of attention.

The car door clicked open, and Meg slid in beside him. “Hi there.”

He leaned over and kissed her neck. “You look radiant,” he whispered.

She sighed. “How many?”

He winked at her and held up three fingers.

“I’ve never played with any of them before.”

“This will change soon. I’d like to have all of you over next weekend.”

She opened her mouth but thought better and just nodded.

He put the car in gear and eased it away from the curb.

Meg put her hand on his right thigh first, before sliding it between his legs.

“If you do this, I’m keeping you tonight.”

She grinned. “I was hoping.”

“What about Darryl?” he asked and watched her out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t care, but still kept the facade up that he did.

At first, the name seemed to confuse her. “He’ll be fine.”

“You sure?”

“I need to get fucked.”

He pushed the accelerator hard.

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