Please, It’s Melody

sleep-839358 eroticaHe heard her moans as he walked down the dark hall. He moved slowly with the carpet muting his footsteps.

A louder pleasured scream came from the door at the end of the hall.

The open door to his left allowed the noon sunlight to filter in. Glancing in revealed that room to be a full washroom with little toothbrushes and stains of fruity toothpaste around the sink. The towels hanging beside the window featured some character made of strawberries.

A quieter moan filled the hall.

His eyes turned to the end of the hall where the door was not fully closed, but a crack of light along the left showed it would be pushed open without restraint. Glancing at the walls, he saw the anonymous, seemingly happy family photos staring back at him. He deduced the family was a single parent, a redheaded woman in her forties, and two children; one well into teens and the other rapidly approaching. The thought came that the kids must be on a weekend with the ex, daddy, somewhere else.

A series of soft moans, near whimpers, echoed from the room. They carried down the corridor like a beacon inviting him forward.

At the end of the hall, he pushed the door open silently.

The redhead had her left hand holding the metal bed frame at the head. Her right hand dug between her legs as her back arched, nearly pulling her off the bed.

Her name, or so his dispatcher had told him, was Melody. To this point, everything was exactly as it had been described to him, from finding the house key in the front potted plant to the black t-shirt that clung to Melody’s breasts from sweat. Based on further details, the condoms would be in the top drawer of the nightstand to the left of the bed.

Her moan hit a high note. Other than the t-shirt, she was naked on the tussled bed clothes. Her eyes remained closed as she squirmed on the bed.

Walking in silence, he moved to the side of the bed and slid his hand into his pocket and found what he was told to bring. In a blur, he grabbed her left arm and held it firm.

Her eyes blasted open at him, and her mouth snapped shut.

His right hand came down and, with the sound of rapid cracking, the handcuff closed around her wrist. The second cuff snapped shut around the metal bed frame. He looked down and locked eyes with her. In one well-practiced motion, he lifted his red t-shirt up over his head and off.

The fear evaporated seeing the muscled chest beneath that shirt. With widening eyes, her approval was obvious.

“Hello there, m’lady. I believe you’ve been waiting for me.” He unzipped his fly.

She smiled and licked her lips. “Please, it’s Melody.”

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