The Man of Orange and Mad-Eye

Being the Canadian that I am, please allow me to apologize in advance for this. I wanted this to be funny, but I simply cannot do it.

Been awhile since I’ve discussed politics ‘round these here parts, but there have been some things going on lately that have my blood boiling.

The problem is figuring out where to start.

I know, I know; Julie Andrews says we should start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

How do you solve a problem like oppression?

I’ve been sharing a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts about what has been reported in the news lately, and I’ve gotten some flack about it. Those that would have us keep our heads down and claim any news against their leaders is “hatred” say we should stop it and let them lead. They claim they are tired of the politics, and we need to move on.

Like so many, I’m tired of it too.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? They’re trying to tire us out, so we’ll just step back and let them through, unchecked.

Many will say that a Canadian should mind his own business. Being this political bad news crossed to a mosque in Quebec City on the weekend, it is our business. Besides, the Man of Orange wants Canada’s oil in a pipeline to his refineries…assuming that pipe is made of American steel.

Canada has skin in this game.

Being the alleged next thing on the Man of Orange’s things to do involves allowing one to discriminate against those in the LGBTQ community based on religious freedoms mean I have skin in this game.

I’m scared, and this last one hits home.

I’m in an open, poly marriage. I’m bi-friendly, and I’m an atheist.

*shrug* Do the math.

I don’t think I can travel in the United States safely, anymore. And I grew up down there.

How I see this…do any of you remember the 80s TV show, Remington Steele?

A dramedy about a brilliant female detective who cannot get respect because she was a woman (it was the 80s). She then hires a man to portray her boss. The man, a younger version of the modern take on Mycroft Holmes in the BBC’s Sherlock, knows little about being a private detective and bumbles through causing both problems and successes for their firm.

Now, let’s take a step back and reverse these characters from protagonists to antagonists.

Oddly, the man hired is one that shall henceforth, in this post, be referred to as the Man of Orange…okay, I’ve already called him that. Just go with it.

The detective, in this case, is a man of questionable extreme right-wing leanings who would never get voted in as president and looks oddly like Harry Potter’s “Mad-Eye” Moody. It is also documented that this man wants to overthrow the current state in the USA.

Coup…coup…ca chooo!

Oddly, those of us leaning left were worried about the Man of Orange’s second in command, but it seems that the Evangelical Christian right-wing ex-gov is perhaps not the one we should have been worried about.

It’s only been ten days, so this is all very alleged.

Canucks and Yankees have a lot of cultural similarities, but those of us in the Great White North tend to be more liberal in our world views. Yes, we do have gentlemen like the Quebec City shooter, but any citizen here believing in true Canadian values will denounce that action…as I do. The majority of us will also ask the question of how this gunman had two weapons and how do we make certain this can’t happen again.

No one that I’m aware, in this country, has asked why those in the mosque weren’t armed to protect themselves. That’s a stupid question in Canada. Our freedom is not from the right to bear arms, but from the knowledge that we are safe without doing so.

This is one obvious difference between left and right. The left expects the state to make us feel safe and comfortable while the right expects you to protect yourself.

Those of us on the left, as of late, had become comfortable.

Just about two weeks ago, the USA took such a hard turn right that we, in Toronto, could hear the wheels of their political car squealing on the Washington pavement. In Canada, it was heard so loud that many believe the Quebec City shooter was inspired by that right turn.

That flack that I mentioned earlier was an FB “friend” coming at me directly and warning that if I continue posting political anti-Man of Orange posts, it will hurt my image.

To hell with my image.

If anyone tries to hush those of us sharing what is going on, they are complicit in what is going on. To those who would prefer to play ostrich and just stick their heads in the sand, they too are complicit.

We need to keep sharing the news. However, we need to make sure it is legitimate news. There are a whack of weird and unusual sources that are now popping up, and we need to corroborate if the stories are real. Do a Google search if you don’t recognize the source. If the unusual source is the only one writing the story, yeah it might be true, but be careful on sharing it.

We need to be ready for when those, claiming too tired for politics now, become the prodigal children (Biblical reference…and I’m atheist…HA!) once something the Man of Orange does actually affect them. Sure, we could mock these people when that time comes and point out how stupid they were for keeping their heads down, but where would that get them or us? We need to be ready to welcome them back into the fold.

This is not politics as usual.

The left had become too comfortable.

This cannot continue.

That comfort gave the first world, the western world, Brexit and the Man of Orange. We were too lazy to get out to vote and make sure these things didn’t happen. I mean, no one in their right (wing) mind would vote for a multi-bankrupted businessman turned reality TV star to go into the White House, right?

Yet here we are.

Now, in the span of two weeks in office, something even Dubya couldn’t do in two four-year terms, the Man of Orange has us feeling like we are on the brink of war.

It’s been ten days.

Just imagine how this will be after one hundred.

And that FB “friend” would rather those of us that see what’s coming censor ourselves, rather than subjecting their precious minds to have to think about the mistakes we’ve made.

I did say “We’ve made”. We’re all guilty of being complicit somewhere.

Amazon, whom I publish through, and Uber, whom I occasionally drive for, are both on the boycott list because of their connections to the Man of Orange. I’m not sure I can cut those two off, much as I wish I could, but I need that money to feed my kids and get them into good schools after their grade-school days are done.

Anyone willing to share alternatives, I’m ready to listen.


The point is, we’re all guilty. I couldn’t vote in that election south of the border, and yet I seem to be still supporting the Man of Orange and Mad-Eye. Further irony, I’m paying neither but actually working for them.

Yes, this is the world we created.

And, bloody well right that I am going to continue sharing posts against the Man of Orange. Deal with it.

Thank you for reading. This one has been brewing for a bit and tomorrow…yes, tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled erotica.


  1. Well done, Chris, for continuing to stand up against this madness that appears to have infected the government of the USA, and threatens us all. I, too, have been told that I should stick to posts about writing, especially as I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but politics is too important to leave to the politicians. I have a brother who lives in the USA, as well as extended family who are Muslim, in both the USA and Canada, as well as friends in the LBGTQ community. I will not be silent while others are persecuted. Thank you for your posts.

  2. the LGBT community wants to be treated like everyone else? Well maybe if they stopped telling and showing people that they are different (ie having parades down city streets) the community may not see them as being different.

    1. That’s what you took from this post? Really?

      I assume you have similar views on when the women marched on Washington as well? Or when labor unions march on Labor Day? Or when visible minorities march for their rights? Or when military forces march through their streets to show their strength? Is your issue with marching in general, or more specific?

      I’ll tell you what. The day two of the same gender can walk down the street holding hands without being questioned, accosted, nor stopped by anyone anywhere; then marching can stop. The day that those of the LGBTQ+ don’t have to hide that they are part of that community anywhere…that’s the day the marches will no longer be necessary.

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