Swept Away in the Rainstorm

eroticaSteam lifted off the darkened street as cars passed through puddles. The streetlights offered spots of light between the deluge and the wind. The full-length windows muted the sound of cars skidding past below.

Kent stared into the darkest part of his reflection to look outside. The fluorescent lighting in the hall made it difficult to see much out there. He stood in his blue uniform with his first name embroidered on his right chest with a broom over his shoulder. No one would mistake him for a soldier carrying a rifle, but he still smiled at the thought.

A car sprayed water on the sidewalk causing nearby pedestrians to scatter away from the edge.

Kent chuckled and returned to his hall trek. He began whistling “If I Only Had a Brain” because if people wouldn’t mistake him for a soldier, perhaps they just might think he’s Dick Van Dyke. No one had yet pointed out to him that Mr. Van Dyke was not in The Wizard Oz, so Kent’s error had gone unchecked for twenty-something years.

The white clock with black hands and numbers stared down at him and suggested it was near eleven.

Late classes ended at 9:30 which usually meant that, by this time, Kent had these hallowed halls to himself. There were occasional stragglers of profs marking papers or students getting up to the naughty, but that was rare. This was why seeing one of the dark blue doors set against the muted blue wall further up the hall offering a crack of light through it seemed so odd to him.

If for nothing else other than to protect the computer equipment in these rooms, that door should have been closed and locked.

Kent counted off doors and felt his heart jump when he realized it was room 442. “Maybe,” he whispered, and a smile crept over his face.

Circe Daya, a professor in the school’s chemistry department, had a late class in that room. She was a petite, slim goddess that usually kept her wavy brunette hair in a tight ponytail. Often, her fashion involved skirts down to mid-calf that swayed when she walked.

Kent was not a tall man, but he always felt tall around her. His shift started just as her last class would have started at seven. He always knew to be in the lobby just before so he could give her a smile and wave while his heart did flips as she came in. Due to the schedule of his rounds, he was never able to get back over to see her again before she left unless she stayed late. When she did stay late, and he would see her, the ponytail would be unleashed and he would dilly-dally in her room just to steal glances.

She never returned the glances. Other than a nod to acknowledge he was there, she never said anything to him either.

He neared the door and heard what sounded like slapping coming from inside. Halting, he cocked his head and listened for a moment as it is hard to hear over the attack of rain on windows. Setting the broom against the wall, he resumed walking and looked through the crack in the door.

The lights in the room were off except for the single security light in one back corner.

After a moment of eye adjustment, Kent’s eye first caught the swaying of Circe’s brunette hair. She was fully in silhouette he, at least, assumed it was her.

With the silhouetted body bent over one of the laboratory counters at the head of the class, it was difficult to confirm.

His eyes followed her silhouette to find the bunched up fabric of her skirt. A shard of security light revealed the smooth skin of her ass beyond that.

Her muscular legs were covered in dark stockings and high heels were the only reason her feet were still on the ground.

A male figure was behind her slowly pulling back revealing a long dark, cylindrical shadow between them before pushing forward again to cause the slapping sound. His toned ass was fully visible in the light. Above his waistline was completely in shadow.

Kent put a hand over his mouth the keep from gasping. He had not idea who the massive brute behind her was.

A feminine moan slipped from Circe as the silhouette of her head turned back to her lover. Her left hand moved back to grasp the man’s hip, and her red nails slipped into the security light.

The male’s hand came down lightly on one of her ass cheeks causing another soft smacking sound.

Circe giggled. “That’s not like the other night,” her voice whispered and confirmed it was her.

An erection formed in Kent’s uniform pants. He considered if he should announce his presence as he would were these students. Most students would cease immediately before moving on after the embarrassment. A couple of times, Kent had needed to call for assistance and had the perpetrators hauled off in cuffs.

This was Circe, however. Not some early twenty-something kid getting their hornies out.

Kent wanted to join in.

Inside, the scene changed. The man pulled out and stepped back from her until his thick erection was in the security light as if he’d planned it.

Circe stood and turned around to him.

“On your knees,” the man growled in a voice Kent did not recognize.

Lowering to her knees as commanded, Circe’s face appeared in the light as she moved forward to accept his offering.

A groan nearly escaped Kent on watching her lips go around the erection tip and sucking the full length inside her mouth.

The man grabbed a handful of Circe’s hair and controlled the rhythm of her mouth with that of his thrust. He groaned once and stiffened.

A sound came from Circe and she, too, stopped moving.

Kent assumed the contents of the man’s balls were now in her mouth.

After a moment, she released his cock and looked up at her partner with a smile. Her hand wiped something from the corner of her lips.

Kent stepped back from the door and looked down at the tent at the front of his own pants. “Damn,” he whispered. He took a few steps back and retrieved his broom. He looked around for his own hiding place but heard the click of high heels coming from the classroom too quickly.

How was he to explain his being here?

A thought occurred, and he reached into his breast pocket. Fishing out a pair of headphones he’d found in one class, he put a bud in each ear. Then he began to sweep.

The door squeaked as it opened. “Oh,” Circe’s voice quietly said.

Kent kept his back to them. He turned his head slightly left to show the white earbuds and cord which went to nothing in his breast pocket.

“He didn’t see or hear us?” the male voice asked.

“I don’t think so,” she whispered back. Her voice, though still hushed, got louder as she continued, “He’s got music on.”

“He’s a good looking fellow. Shame he couldn’t join us,” the male said with a chuckle.polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

“Shame indeed,” Circe agreed.

With stomach now in his throat, Kent pushed the broom away from them. He leaned heavily on it for fear of falling over.

“Maybe next time,” she offered before more clicks meant they were walking away.


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