Best Whispers, Ever!

Author’s note: This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Whispers”…and I must apologize as I went a little longer with this than the limit of 1200 words. Being I started at 2300 words after the first draft…I don’t think I can cut anymore of it.

erotica“You blew off your stories of supers?” Gray crossed his arms and glared at me. “You bring us back and then just let us sit here while you go off and travel all over the world while we…”

“Gray, Windsor.” Apple tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned to her. “What?”

“He only went to Windsor, Ontario. Not a world destination.”

“Just a moment.” He held up a finger for me to wait. He whispered as if I wouldn’t hear him, “He needs guilt for not writing more about us.”

The redhead drew in a slow breath. “We’re naked.”

He dropped his chin and saw his penis at the level of her navel. “Gratuitous sex scene?”

She gave a curt nod. “Gratuitous sex scene.”

“About fucking time.” Gray put his arms around her but fell back to sit when the spontaneous appearance of a couch hit the back of his knees. “Hey!”

“What the fuck?” Apple regained her balance and watched the couch pulling Gray back from her and then turned to me. “Oh, come on!”

Leather straps snapped out around Gray’s wrists and ankles. “Oww!” He pulled at the straps.

“No, wait,” Apple corrected. “This could be interesting.”

“No!” Gray disagreed.

With a pop, another man stood naked in front of Apple. First impression, he made Gray look small being his penis held steady well above her navel. His head of long curly brunette hair swiveled to glance at Gray with a smile. “Hi there.”

“You look like Jason Mamoa,” Apple gasped.

“I do, but I’m not.” He pointed at me but kept his smile on Apple. “The writer dude wanted a cuckold scene, so he created me to…well, you know.”

“Fuck me blind while Gray is forced to watch?”

With a clang, a helmet slammed over Gray’s head. “Hey!” Gray struggled more against his bindings. “I do not approve this plan,” he said in a muffled metallic voice.

Apple ignored Gray and gazed intently at the man’s brown eyes. “And you sound like Peter Gabriel in that video for ‘Big Time’.”

The man snapped and pointed at Apple with a wink to top it all off. “You got it in one.”

“The fucking or the Gabriel reference.”


“I don’t like this!” Gray reiterated metallically.

“I don’t know.” Reaching forward, she ran her hands over his chest muscles. She growled and glanced at Gray. “I think I have to, I mean it’s Jason…what do I call you?”


After an awkward silence, Apple nodded. “Okay.” She glanced back at Gray briefly. “It’s Aqua. We never say no to gratuitous sex.”

“No.” Gray whimpered.

“I loved you in Game of Thrones.”

“I know, but it wasn’t me.” His hands went to her hips and caressed.


“Nope.” He lowered his face until millimeters separated their lips from the first touch.

“How about a gratuitous threesome?” Gray asked.

Aqua straightened up.

“What?” Apple jumped. “Hurting Gray is not worth it.”

Aqua smiled again. “Threesome’s a good idea.”

Apple caught the contagious smile and brightened up.

Gray was released, and the helmet vanished with another clang. “Oh, thank you,” he gasped. “I feel dizzy.”

“You’re okay with beams crossing at least?” Aqua asked.

Gray froze. “Beams?”

Aqua led Apple toward the couch. “Stand up here, junior.”

“Junior? Just wait…” Even mid-complaint, Gray followed the instructions. “Ow!”

“Ha! Leather and skin. That never gets old.” Aqua took one of Apple’s hands in each of his. “This beautiful woman needs two cocks at once. The writer dude promises not to make you feel that skin ripping sensation when you stand up.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Gray’s penis hardened with the thought of sharing Apple’s mouth. He glanced over at Aqua’s erection. “At least he made us equal in this sense.”

“You keep thinking that, junior.” Aqua laughed and lifted his left leg; planting his foot on the couch beside Apple’s ass.

Gray followed suit.

“Mmmm, boys.” Apple took a penis in each hand. “This has become ridiculously gratuitous.” Her mouth slipped briefly over Gray’s first, before moving to Aqua’s. Then, pulling them closer together she pushed the tips together and took both in.

Both men moaned.

Gray opened his eyes and glanced at Aqua. “How about them Dolphins, eh?”

Aqua’s face darkened. “What?”

“The writer, ah…”

“Writer dude,” Aqua said with a lowering voice from more pleasure.

“Yeah, him. He’s a Broncos fan, and the Dolphins beat them.”

“I know. I’m to kill you if you mentioned the game.”

Gray went pale, and his erection began to fade.

“Hey! I want to fuck both of these and need them hard,” Apple whined.

Aqua reached around Gray to hug him. “I’m just fucking with you.”

Gray slouched, and his penis immediately responded back to rigidity.

Aqua looked at me. “I like that word rigidity. Just saying.” He looked back at Gray. “Nah, he said to kill you if you kept on about the game after the first warning.”

Gray whimpered.

“I get the impression the big guy doesn’t like to hear Mr. Gray talk.” Aqua put his hand on the back of Apple’s head to encourage more depth.

With a cough, Apple gagged on the two cocks and pulled back with a laugh. “I’m sorry. You’re getting thicker as I keep doing this and can’t keep them both in.”

Aqua gave Gray a knowing smile. “Told ya so.” He plopped down on the couch beside Apple, causing her to bounce up and laugh more. “Alright, beautiful. Get on.”

Reaching over, Apple used Aqua’s shoulders to help her position to straddle him. “Shit, this is going to feel good,” she hissed.

“What about me?”

Both looked up at Gray.

With a quick spank, Aqua caught Gray’s attention on Apple’s ass. “You’re the skinnier cock, dude. I think the ass should be yours.”

Apple smiled and reached in front of her to stroke Aqua’s cock. Lifting her midsection up, she inched forward to position herself over it.

“Hold up there, beautiful.” Aqua lifted his arm over the back of the couch and reached for something.

“What?” Apple glanced up at Gray confused.

Aqua clucked his tongue and pulled a small silver package from behind. “Can’t be too careful.” He ripped it open with his teeth and pulled out the prize within and handed it to Apple. He then gave a sly grin to Gray. “Jumbo size.”

She unrolled the condom over Aqua’s penis. “We’re in an erotic story. Condoms aren’t usually needed, but okay.”

“That’s true, but you and Gray here are primary partners. Hardly would seem fair for us not to add some realism to this bull session.”

Apple aimed the cock and lowered onto it. “Hardly fair at all,” she spat in more groan than words as she began to raise and lower on him.

“I get why you two would play bareback,” Aqua continued, “but not my place. Oh, fuck, that’s it.” He glanced up at Gray. “There’s lube back there for you.”

With leather creaking beneath him, Gray leaned over and found a pouch of lube.

“May I?” Aqua asked and pointed at Gray’s penis.

“Um, okay.”

Aqua took the pouch and, again, opened it with his teeth. “A nice cock there. If you ever wanted to explore bi realms more, I’d gladly help you.” He poured the lube over Gray’s erection and then stroked it for coverage.

“Thank you,” Gray said with a nervous laugh. “I’m not like you, though.”

“Well, the writer dude made me god-like.”

“And godly modesty to go with it,” Gray agreed.

Aqua slapped the tip of Gray’s penis lightly. “Go and fuck this beautiful woman with me.”

Sliding off the couch, Gray stood behind Apple.

She stopped rising and falling. “We forgot to finish that kiss.” Leaning forward and kissing Aqua hard on the mouth. As her tongue exchanged numbers with Aqua’s, a squeal escaped her lips from the feeling of Gray easing into her ass.

“If it hurts, we can stop,” Gray whispered in her ear.

“No, it’s good.” She turned back and kissed him.

Aqua put his right hand on Apple’s ass, and his left on Gray’s. “This is so cool. We never did this on Game…”

“You said you weren’t!” Apple interrupted.

“I’m not. Just fucking with you.”

They moved together with moans and exchanged kisses between Apple and the men.

After some time, Aqua barked, “Oh, fuck!”

Apple felt the condom inside her bulge and move as it filled with warmer liquid.

Gray pulled out of her.

After a last kiss, Apple lifted off Aqua.

Stroking Apple’s cheek, Aqua closed his eyes. “You two are awesome.” He opened one eye to see Gray standing in front still. “There’s a sink and soap back there. Go clean off. Beautiful Miss Apple hasn’t cum yet.”

After waiting for Gray to return, Apple grinned up at him. “I want a sixty-nine.”

“Gratuitous enough for ya?” Aqua asked with a laugh.

The group moved, so Gray was on the couch with Apple straddling his face. He licked Apple’s pussy, first around the clit and then slipped his tongue into her. His hands then spread her open so his tongue could jab in even deeper as it went in search of her orgasm.

Apple’s squeal was muffled by a mouthful of Gray’s cock.

“Would he mind if I helped?”

Gray laughed in hearing Aqua’s voice. Multitasking on Apple’s pussy was difficult while two sets of lips worked together on his cock. He soldiered on and enjoyed the taste of her.

Apple arched her back, pushing her pussy down on Gray’s face before squirting orgasm over him in gushes. “Fuck!”

Gray’s orgasm followed. He knew it wasn’t into Apple’s mouth, but the sensation of a load being swallowed was familiar.

Gray and Apple both relaxed, panting from their climaxes.

Aqua gave a deep laugh. “I hope this writer dude brings me back. You two are fun.”polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

Apple reached for the back of Aqua’s neck and kissed him deeply.

Gray looked at me. “Why did you call this one ‘Best Whispers, Ever!’ I mean, we’re not silent.” The sentence toned down to a whisper as his mouth shrunk.

“Ha!” Aqua clapped his hands and rocked forward in laughter. “He hates your voice.”

“Fuck you!” Gray squeaked and shook his fist at me. Then his mouth vanished.

“Thankfully he finished licking me before doing that.” Apple laughed with Aqua.

A muffled scream came from Gray’s sealed mouth.

Aqua pulled Apple tightly against him. “Now where were we?” He kissed her hard again.

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  1. Oh Mr. McClennan, when you write you have me hanging on your lips. Wait, that’s not possible when I read something, right… but you get the idea. I love what you have done here, how you have created an image of you sitting there and watching these characters, how your pen decides what they do. Good writing!

    Rebel xox

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