America, A Once Proud Nation (Four Nights in Hotlanta)

As we met new people, our declaration of being Canadian was usually followed by apologetic faces on their part.

I mean, we’re the Canucks; we’re the ones supposed to be apologizing.

The female partner of one couple we met said, “Why are you here? You must hate us.”

We don’t hate the US. As one who studies Canadian – American interactions pointed out, Canadians often make fun of Americans as we get smothered by their presence being we are such a smaller country.

Atlanta erotica

One Canadian comedian wrote a piece about, after Orange was first elected, how Canada was at the same bar and trying to convince the US it had too much to drink and now better get home to face its spouse. (I’ve been unable to find the link and will edit this if I do).

Let’s be honest. Generally speaking, Canadian and Americans are cut from the same cloth. We’re all immigrants that are subject to a corrupted capitalist system that we, as a society, claim is how we want to live. The US is bigger and better armed while Canadians have less poverty and better healthcare.

We felt safe in Atlanta this week. Cannot say I saw a single weapon except on the belt of a peace officer. This week was the Peach Bowl college football game, just by happenstance as we had no interest, but the downtown core was filled with Michigan and Florida fans in colour.

So far as colours go, we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe the first night and couldn’t help notice that all the servers were African American. Not quite sure what to make of this, as in Toronto you’d find a mix of races working in such a place. It is something I’ll be pondering for a while.

Now, this is a sex blog, albeit one that has been entirely silent for a while, so I know you’re wondering about the sex life in Atlanta.

And there were orgies. Atlanta is known as one of the top swinger destinations in the USA, and we found that. So did the people staying in the adjoining room at the Westin Peachtree as we listened to an impressive hip smacking orgasm yesterday afternoon through the door.

Unintentionally, I swear. We were taking a break in our room, and they decided to get down to business. We considered knocking and asking if we could help, but decided that would be more creepy than helpful.

We never saw what they looked like, regardless, and attraction is always important.

The couple that thought we must hate them were good looking. Very interested in poly, although she mentioned she’d love to watch her guy fuck another woman but only until she cums…then jealousy and her territorial nature would lead to violence that doesn’t sound like a fun, orgasmic evening to us.

On this trip, we had more Tinder and Bumble matches than either of us have seen anywhere else, but none came to fruition in spite of some who did kick our tires.

There are two swinger clubs in the city that we know of but, after the disaster that the NYC clubs were when we were there, we didn’t bother trying. Toronto’s clubs are far superior in class level just due to the liberal nature of the area…making it unlikely such clubs in the US could compete.

Atlanta, by southern US standards, feels rather liberal. It feels safe, it feels sexy, and it feels free.

Canada should invade!

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