A Triad of Parallel Men

Maggie woke with a snort as her snoring habit went off to hide too late. She blinked her eyes a few times before closing them tightly to help them adjust.

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To the left, grey daylight filtered in through the blinds of the sliding doors. Through those blinds, white snow passed sideways as the wind carried it along.

April, she thought. This is spring, dammit. Not supposed to fucking snow in April.

Bob gave a snort-snore of his own and shifted on to his right side, facing her. Sleep held him, however, as his eyes shifted beneath his lids in search of dreams.

Will, on her left side, held his position. He slept like he was dead, on his back and with his hands intertwined over his belly.

Maggie grinned and considered how few women ever woke between parallel men.

Both men had dad-bodies with growing stomachs and increasing slouches. Bob was a few inches taller than Will, but they had similar physiques. There was a difference in hair being Will had a full head, and face of salt and pepper hair and beard while Bob had only a fringe of black around his growing bald spot. Even their cock sizes were the same; average length but good and thick. Maggie often joked that their cocks liked each other so much that when they spit-roasted her it was an attempt to meet each other in the middle.

She did like the fact that if she snuggled closer to Will, Bob would snuggle close in behind her and wrap an arm over her that usually found a grip on Will’s penis.

The two men were different, to be sure, but perhaps it was the chemistry of three she enjoyed more so than the variety of the two. That they worked together to please her, and each other, rather than worrying about which one of them got more of her.

They were not jealous of each other.

Maggie recalled that when she and Bob married, they explored a long time before finding Will. There had been both men and women, but they never meshed with them the right way. Gift horse, she thought. Stop looking it in the mouth. It made her laugh as she considered that she was between men at the moment, and how the context of that changed with this triad.

She reached to her left and wrapped her hand around Bob’s flaccid penis. Reaching right, she found Will’s and did the same.

As if in concert, they both hardened and both men woke.

“I’m horny,” Maggie whispered.

After stifling a yawn, Will chuckled.

“What a shame.” Bill snuggled in closer.

Will shifted to his left side and snuggled in as well. “And to think, we can ride out the snowstorm naked today.”

“I love your thinking.” Maggie grinned.

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