I Heard

Author’s note: This post was inspired by my being a judge for Smut Marathon this year. The fourth project had me coming up with this as I was reading the entries. Thus, this follows the rules that it must have some reference to “eavesdropping” and must be 225-250 words long. I had more trouble with that last part but, ignoring this note, I did it. The result is the first part in a new series I’m not working on called “Oh, That Couple.” After hearing that I was doing this, Marie Rebel insisted I add this for Wicked Wednesday. So, here goes…

“You heard it all?” Malcolm smoothed a crease out of his pants that protested and reformed immediately.

“Yes, Mal. Everything.” Ruth leaned forward with her elbows propped on her thighs. Her green eyes looked forward at the painting opposite them. Her maroon dress rode up to just below her knees and showed off black nylon covered thighs. “Her first yelp while lowering onto your erection was impressive. At least I assume that’s what caused the bark.”

Mal shifted and winced at the squeak response the leather couch offered his movement. “My love, I didn’t mean to…”

“Yes, darling, you never do. How often have we discussed this?”

Sweat beads sprinted down his forehead.

“You should have gone down on her first.”

He sighed. “But she enjoyed it.”

“Her husband probably isn’t well endowed.” Ruth shrugged. “With the ruckus she made, unlikely she’s fucked anything bigger than a popsicle stick lately. I was beginning to think there was a kangaroo jumping on her chest with that yelping.”

“But you love my cock.”

“Yes, I do, but that’s not the point. What if she didn’t? You should always, always, ALWAYS, start with oral to warm her up.”

Mal’s shoulders slumped and his eyes shot quickly around the office to make sure her raised voice had not drawn any attention. A long hiss escaped his mouth. “She approved our loan,” he whispered.

She smirked and waited for an awkward few seconds of silence. “I heard. Good boy.”

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