Orders Given

Master’s hand stroked her cheek as she knelt silently beside his chair.

He wore a black suit, white shirt, and red tie. He sat with his right leg crossed over his left, towards her, in his plush armchair.

From the corner of her eye, she could see Kelly on the opposite side of him, in the exact same situation; kneeling back on her calves and naked except for the thin leather collar around her neck.

“When the guests arrive, think of yourselves as the appetizers,” Master said in his deepest baritone soothing style. “You greet the females with as you see fit. You greet the males with a short blowjob, a tease with no climax intended.” He held up a finger to accentuate his next point. “Ask for consent first.”

Jenn felt herself nodding.

“Then you are to separate them from their clothing. Your job, my sweets, is to whet their appetite and make certain that the C-F-N-M aspect of our gathering is observed and respected. Unless a male is leaving, you are to make sure all of them are naked.”

CFNM had her questioning the concept, however. Clothed male, naked female, was certainly a valid fetish, but the fact that she and Kelly were already naked in this scenario seemed odd. Let it go, Jenn, she thought. Master knows best.

This last thought almost caused her to laugh, but she held her face stoic.

“Yes, sir,” the women answered simultaneously.

His head turned slowly, first to Jenn and then around to Kelly. “I know it will seem odd being you two are already naked but once all the men are naked, think of yourselves as the fluffers. Your job is to keep the men hard and excited until the women decide to join them.”

Master was Baxter van Durme, here.

Jenn did feel it was all a bit confusing as it was only his play-dom name.

Bill Getto, was actually a house husband who was alone most days while his four kids were at school and his lawyer wife chased oil. He referred to himself as a play-dom being he was really a nice and quiet guy.

This aspect, the hosting orgies as Baxter van Durme bit, was more roleplay than anything for Bill. Even the collars on both Jenn and Kelly were more about the event than their actual relationships.

Were Dina, his own wife, here the party would still go on. It would be Bill in the collar, however, and Baxter would remain asleep in the back of his mind on a pile of dirty magazines.

Of the threesome, and before the night ends they would be a threesome of a different context, Jenn was the only one without spousal support in this endeavor. Funnier still, Master’s wife and Kelly’s husband were helping keep Jenn’s husband in the dark about all of this.

Master stroked Kelly’s hair. “Do you consent to tonight’s plan?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered. Turning her head towards him, she showed an excited grin she was having difficulty hiding.

Turning to Jenn, he began stroking her hair before giving a slight tug. “And you?”

“Yes, sir,” Jenn said with eagerness in her voice that surprised even her. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Good girl,” he growled and faced forward. “Both of you are my good girls. Tonight’s ceremony will bring us closer together.”

This time Jenn couldn’t help but laugh.

Master slouched and turned. “Jenn?”

“Sorry, just find it funny to host a CFNM event with a Handmaid’s Tale theme to it. When you consider the misogyny in inspiration for this and the power you’re giving the women. It’s like giving the image of male dominance but…” her voice trailed off as she turned to see both Master and Kelly.

Both stared back at her with looks of annoyance.

“Are you here to think or fuck?” Kelly asked.

“Ha!” Jenn threw her arms up, pretending to be upset. “If you want me to stop thinking, don’t give me such intellectual references to deal with.”

Master glanced at Kelly. “If the guests weren’t imminent, I think I’d have to punish her.”

“She’d like that,” Kelly agreed.

The door chimed.

All three shifted back into position.

“Sorry, sir,” Jenn said, still grinning and now suppressing further laughter.

Yukon, the butler, entered the hall in front of them. “Sir? May I present the Mrs. and Commander Andrew Wells.” He turned to the couple. “I present to you Master Baxter van Durme.”

The Wells had dressed for the theme, with Mrs. Wells’ short curves in a long blue dress, blue stockings and pumps. Commander Wells wore what looked like a police dress uniform, likely something he found at a costume store…but not a cheap costume store.

Master stood and gestured to Jenn. “Greetings.”

Without words, Jenn stood and walked over to the couple. “Mrs. Well,” she said offering a slight bow.

Mrs. Wells wrapped her arms around Jenn in with a hug and, to Jenn’s surprise, pulled her down for an intense kiss.

Breaking from the embrace, Jenn glanced back at Master to see his approving smile. She then moved to the Commander. “Sir,” she said with a nod.

He smiled, but didn’t move.

Lowering to her knees, she looked up at him. “May I greet you, sir?”

“Yes, you may,” he answered.

Her hands found his pant zipper and pulled. Reaching into his pants, she pulled the waistband of his briefs down, leaving his good-sized, already erect penis for all to see, pointing straight at her. “Thank you, sir.”

He put a hand on the back of her head and offered slight pressure.

She opened her mouth and accepted his pressure.

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