Unknown, Yet Sex Sells Everything

Sex is unknown. Shocking, I know, but after all this time we keep redefining what is and isn't sex. Not all that long ago, I watched John Oliver interview a real victim that Bill Clinton apparently did not have sex with. Yet now, oral sex is very much sex. Or is it? As I discussed two weeks back, some consider BDSM play, without penetration, as sex. Some don't. Depends upon whom you're talking to. Then we have another politician in the US that cannot spend any time alone with another woman for fear "mother" will think he is flirting with her and that is construed as sex in his world. Time to flip the coin. The boxing ring offers us a scantily clad female walking around with the round number. Bikini wearing busty babes are at all the [Read more...]

Truth’s Bluff

Truth is a comedian that often wears a cloak of fact to deceive. It likes to bluff in this game of life. The fact is that truth is about belief, bias, perception, and decision. Fact, itself, rarely influences truth. https://twitter.com/cpmcclennan/status/320522770255585280 I've tweeted that more than once, but as you can see, it is seven years since the last time. I used hashtags that were not necessary to the point, but they were (and still are) my truth. We atheists are often very good at covering our truth with a wallpaper of facts, legitimate or not. Funny, in that it is a similar tactic to those that push religious dogma. I've don't this, myself. Below is a gorgeous tune by Don Henley that I've searched for a [Read more...]

Negotiating Consent

Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism...this is BDSM in a nutshell. Though I don't think it likes being in a nutshell. BDSM would get very grumpy were it in a nutshell. The concept of BDSM is as an umbrella over a wide awry of concepts. GQ, of all publications, gives a very vanilla and beginner A-Z list of some BDSM concepts. Can we be honest here? GQ is not the magazine you want to use for info on BDSM. On my scanning it, the one thing it does get right is the complete need for enthusiastic and knowledgable consent for those that practice any form of BDSM respectfully. Seriously, though, go to Fetlife. In essence, it is the social media site for those practicing BDSM. You'll find every possible [Read more...]

It’s Only Towel Day – Try Not To Panic

Douglas Adams died in 2001. Hard to say, but I am uncertain that the grief over losing him twenty years ago has yet ended. With this in mind, welcome to the twentieth anniversary of International Towel Day (May 25). The day created by Douglas Adams' fans two weeks after his passing to remember Douglas and his works. The day when all the zarking froods of the world hold their towels high. A day we should all drink Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. A day when all math answers 42. It is also the one day it is acceptable to yell two words at anyone you see: No one ever panics, of course, regardless of what the good book tells us. Well, if people didn't panic, then the Kubler Ross Stages of Grief would be useless. And, full disclosure, [Read more...]

Dishonesty of Omission

I've been listening to a lot of Ray Wilson, lately. You know him, right? No? You're not alone. Recently, I had a discussion about Ray with Lochlin Cross, host of the Locker Room on 95.7 CRUZ FM in Edmonton. Lochlin is an old high school colleague as I mention in my newest book, In One Convenient Package. Lochlin is a music aficionado and doesn't know much about Ray either. Ray Wilson replaced Phil Collins with Genesis for the 1997 album Calling All Stations. I still feel that, although Ray was not the showman that either Collins or Gabriel are, he is a much better vocalist. I've specifically been listening to an album he released in 2014 called Genesis vs. Stiltskin 20 Years and More. It's a fun live album recorded in his [Read more...]

The Art of Making Up Stats

Stats really are just another form of the clock. Another way for we humans to track things in the passage of time. This era of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has been no exception. Stats, like the economy and unlike time, are generally made up. I've always been one to make up my own stats about things. As an example, 125% of relationships fail with people you have never communicated with nor have met. See, I made that up, and yet, you know I'm right. Although I do exaggerate on occasion. So with this in mind, let us talk about the elephant in the room that most are already talking around. Yes, you know where this is going. Let us discuss the plight of the poor Keystone XL Pipeline. No, I'm kidding. Let's talk about the [Read more...]

In One Convenient Package

Just a brief note to announce the release of my newest book, "In One Convenient Package - The Adventures of a Polyamorous, Introverted and Atheist Husband - Part I" Introversion, polyamory, bi-friendly, left-leaning liberal ideas, and atheism are all things that, on their own, get many eyebrows raised in judgment. Seeing as I embody all in one convenient package, it would seem I am a glutton for punishment. Introvert for as long as I can recall, atheist taking hold in my 20s, with ethical non-monogamy and polyamory coming into focus through a seven-year (so far) open marriage. It really has been a bumpy ride combining these, and there is no guidebook on how to deal with it. Until now. Okay, not really a guidebook, but this [Read more...]

101 Things Not To Do While in Isolation

Let's start with the easiest one first, shall we? Don't write articles entitled "101 Things Not To Do While in Isolation" and actually intend to write seriously about it. Being I tend to do what I say, I am going to follow that first reason and write something else entirely. Too many people with the blues already over the isolation we've all be inadvertently forced into, so I don't exactly want to add to that by telling them what else they can't do. So I sit here on a Saturday morning, listening to the crackle of the fire in the fireplace and the tapping of my fingers on the keys. I recall just how happy I am that the fire remains in the fireplace as were it anywhere else in my living room, self-isolating would suddenly seem [Read more...]