Four Knights, All In A Row

Night One Stacy giggled as Bruce fumbled with the zipper on her slacks. “Don’t laugh. We only have a minute.” Stacy could not believe that she and Bruce, the massive linebacker beast of a man, had fit into the tiny bathroom stall together. “I know, but I want your cock.” The thump of the bass and beat from the club …

A Night At The Theatre

Movie Theater by  Rob DiCaterinoThe screen went to black, as it always did just after the adverts and before the opening credits began.

Leo looked around the near empty theatre. Other than he and his date there was only one other couple who sat about in the middle.

The music began to rise and the screen filled with the names of famous actors and directors.

As the first face appeared on the screen, a man in a ten gallon hat, Leo wondered if in some alternate universe those on the screen would be watching the crowd. He wondered if they would notice that his date, the brunette goddess Stacy, had tugged his fly down in search of her snack.

Many times Stacy had told Leo that semen was much healthier than popcorn. Leo knew better than to argue and also felt her idea was much more enjoyable for him.

The couple had seen many bad or late run films this way. Usually with characters shooting each other on the screen as Stacy licked Leo’s balls and cock.

As always, Stacy had his erection out easily and with out scratching from the zipper. She gave the other couple a quick glance to confirm privacy before running the tip of her tongue around the crown of his erection. She pushed her tongue tip into the little hole on top, gave the tip a hard wet kiss and then allowed her lips to slide down around it.

Leo reached behind the petite woman and lifted her skirt. She was short enough that his hand could play with her clit and pussy while his thumb easily pushed into her ass. Soon, all his fingers found their goal.

Stacy, with a giggle and sigh at his hand, continued her work. Due to the angle, she could not take him as deep as she normally would have liked, but she worked the rest with her fists.

For twenty minutes the couple continued, only giving passing glances to the screen, but all the while keeping a close eye on the other couple who seemed to be in a close snuggle and watching the film intently.

Stacy stopped and lifted herself to kiss Leo’s neck before whispering in his ear, “I can’t do this.”

“Oh?” Leo glanced at her with concern.

Stacy’s devious grin relaxed him. “I just need you to fuck me.” She stood and quickly reverse straddled him. Pulling her skirt up just enough as she lowered onto him, grasping his cock in one hand to aim.

Leo stifled his own moans. His hands slid beneath her sweater and each found a breast to squeeze and caress.

Stacy raised as the movie music raised, and lowered as the music lowered, slow at first, but pace quickening while keeping her silence as best as she could. Her own breathing was sigh after sigh until her orgasm shuddered through her. She kept going, even after her own climax, until she milked the cum from Leo’s cock as well.

Leo’s cum dripped to the floor from between her legs after she released him.

Folding the now flaccid erection back into his pants, Leo tugged his zipper back up.

Stacy grasped his arm and snuggled into his shoulder. “So what did we miss?”

Life, University, and Everything

“We’ll be quick about it,” Kelvin whispered in her ear.

Stacy turned and glared with an amused smile.  “Why quick?  Quiet I understand.  It’s a library, not a fucking race track.”

Kelvin was eye-to-eye with Stacy…with her four-inch boot heels, at least.  His gray fringed hair and creased face gave him double glances as people thought that Captain Picard was around as he passed.  His black suit, black tie and white shirt were all neatly pressed to the point of absurdity and his black leather shoes were mirror like in their shine.

Stacy’s straight black hair fell to just below her shoulders.  It swayed as she shook her head and folded her arms across her chest covered in a navy knit sweater and turtleneck.  Her long jean skirt fell to just above her ankles where the stiletto black boots poked out.

Kelvin’s blue eyes rolled.  “Okay, we’ll be quiet about it.”

A curt nod.  “That’s better.  However…” One hand shot up and pointed a long finger square in the middle of his muscled chest.  “Quiet may be good, but it is better if I have to fight to stay quiet.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So, what are you going to do?”  She backed away between stacks of books.  The light coming in from the large windows behind her cast her shadow at his feet.

Kelvin followed between the stacks until they were half way.  A copy of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” caught his eye.  “You should read that.”

Stacy’s eyes squinted.  “What?”

“That.”  Kelvin’s eyes directed her to the book.

Following his gaze, Stacy knew which book and turned to pull it from the shelf.  “Ah yes, the story of Arthur, Ford Prefect, Trillium or Tisha and the Great Zaphod Beeblebrox.”

Kelvin stepped behind her and quickly pulled his belt open.  “Don’t forget Marvin.”  His hand tugged his zipper down.

Stacy bent slightly forward and leaned on the shelf.  “Yes, the moody robot with the ‘Genuine People Personality’.  How could I forget?”

His hands quickly raised the jean skirt to just above her bare, commando ass.  The black boots rose to the tops of her thighs with only the lacy tops of her stockings showing above.

Kelvin growled as he slipped his underwear waistband down.

Stacy glanced back as she felt the first nuzzling of his erection pushing between her legs.  “What, no foreplay?”

“Oh, sorry.”  Kelvin immediately pulled his underwear back up and then dropped to his knees.  “Don’t forget the improbability drive.’

Stacy’s next words were more pleasurable groan than language.  “Oohhhhh yes, the Starship Heart of Gold, I know it well.  There’s a good boy.”

Kelvin’s slurps were light and playful and quickly felt Stacy’s pussy being shoved further and further onto his face.

“Just no Vogon poetry, please…no fucking Vogon poetry.”

His fingers pushed inside her as his tongue explored and his ears perked up at her half moaned words.

“You know, in the movie I thought casting Mos Def as Prefect was inspired.  He played it so understated…stand up hun, I want the cock now.”

Kelvin did not argue and stood behind her again slipping his cock back out.

Nearby voices passed between other stacks as they quietly searched for books.

“Good boy,” Stacy whispered as she felt Kelvin’s hardness push into her this time.

Kelvin stood at an awkward angle, bending at his knees just enough to aim for her pussy as he began thrusting into her.

Stacy smiled as she fondled the book on the shelf.  “And one can never forget the Bugblatter Beast of Traal.  Oh fuck yeah, harder, darlin’.”

Kelvin increased his speed and force to the point where his inbound thrusts created a light smack.

The nearby female voices broke into a giggle.

Stacy followed the noise and saw two of the young university women watching from the end of the stack.

A quick grin from Stacy and the two younger women came closer as though she had called them.  Both wore tee-shirts and jeans.  The athletic blonde in the tight pink tee was taller than Stacy.  The other, another brunette, was shorter and had some curves.

“What’s your names?”  Stacy held the book for balance still.

“I’m Marta,” said the blonde.  “This is Vicky.”

Stacy allowed her left hand to release the book and pulled Marta close to exchange a deep kiss with dancing tongues.  “Mmmm, Marta, you’re delicious.  I’m Stacy.”  Her head gestured back at the man currently fucking her.  “My friend here is Kelvin.”

Marta giggled and backed away a few steps.

Vicky, however, immediately stepped forward for an even deeper kiss from Stacy.  “You’re not so bad, yourself,” she whispered with little breath left.

Stacy smiled.  “Who wants a turn?”

Both young women quickly had their jeans down revealing already wet pussies.

Kelvin backed away to let Marta around past.

All three women leaned on the shelf and exchanged light kisses between them.

Kelvin, now faced with three options, started with Marta and pushed into her tightness with a gasp.

Stacy watched over her shoulder with a sly grin.  “So, have either of you read this?”  She held the book again.

Both younger women shook their heads negative…Marta with eyes closed enjoying the pounding Kelvin was now quietly giving her.

Stacy reached around behind Vicky and slipped her fingers in to squeeze her clit.

Vicky gasped and almost slammed her head on the shelf.

“You should,” Stacy whispered.  “It is a story of the meaning of life.”

Kelvin pulled out of Marta and moved to Vicky.

Marta asked as she caught her breath, “The meaning of life?”

Stacy switched hands and slipped her fingers into Marta this time.  “Yes, the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  Forty-two.”

The smaller Vicky pushed back against Kelvin more forcefully.  “Damn, he’s bigger than my boyfriend.”

“Hush now, we’re discussing the book.”

Kelvin groaned and was unable to stop from ejaculating deep into Vicky.

Stacy stood up and smiled as her jean skirt fell back to her ankles.  “Nice.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Vicky moaned.

Stacy kissed Vicky deeply again.  “I hope you know where your towel is.”

Driving Rain

Inspired by a friend… The sun drifted behind the blackening clouds.  Even in its shroud it still lifted steam off the pavement with the massive summer heat from the earlier rain.  The ground, however, prepared to accept what would be a proper watering. The couple, however, were oblivious to the weather.  With the darkness and lightning flashes, in fact, they …