A Wingman No Longer

I had to bring Cross back…I had really done so little with him, so he is the one character I have decided to resurrect after the great cleansing of New Year’s Eve, 2012.

For those that do not know him, Cross, it all began with one line…

Are you Cross?

He was once the butler…the friend…the Wingman of Prince Steffan.  He was Steffan’s loyal servant, confidant, and occasional protesting assistant in threesomes and orgies.  He was in love with Tara, the buxom chambermaid…and, other than the threesomes and orgies, was faithful to her alone.

As a reward, he now begins anew with his own servant…Alfred…who has a bit of a sarcastic streak that, 2000 years later, Cross does not quite understand.

Alas…he asked for it.