Under Foot

It starts with four unassuming theatre goers on their walk home watching a homeless man get hit by a bus…and taking them it into Toronto’s underground which is a place that is not quite as it seems.

My first attempt at a new-ish genre of Urban Fantasy which I first discovered reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and King’s work with Peter Straub on The Talisman and Dark House.

As you glance around this page, you will see some pictures that I have lifted from the web that inspired some of the characters involved in this set…being I am no artist, I cannot take credit for any of these.  Also, being this page is being posted with only two chapters posted, not all these characters have yet appeared.  As time goes on, I am hoping to replace these pictures…I will be putting out feelers for original artist drawings for this set…if you are reading this and interested, please let me know.Though the series will be mostly fantasy fiction, it will have some of my usual mixed in as well.

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