Final Cut

Watching a pretty creepy film this eve. Robin Williams in The Final Cut.

Not a bad film.. I believe it was filmed in Vancouver as outside of Williams and Mira Sorvino, most of the cast is Canadian. Thought provoking, but not one if you want a happy ending.

The film is about memories and implants that will allow people to have remembrance services from the memories of the one passed on.

Not only, in this case, is Big Brother watching…the one they are watching has chosen to have this implant so they can share their memories with their loved ones.

The dark side of all this starts with the protestors. Of course they have the usual suspects who wave signs stating how only God should see these memories…yell at the people and calling it blasphemous.

It does get a bit darker, though. Looking at my own memories, I have never done anything worthy of jail time…but like most, I have been no saint. I’ve made errors that the thought of someone else watching makes it even the more creepier.

In the case of the film, of course, we are dealing with criminal activities and such.

It is William’s character that helps clean up these memories and turn an 80 year memory into a two hour presentation. A presentation that would edited out and ignore the bad parts.

The wife on one man, who had assaulted his own daughter said something to the effect of ‘my husband was a great man and he should be remembered that way.’

These people would not only live in a dilusion, but continue it on into death.

Scary thing is, we already do this.

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