I’m losing my hearing.

This is literal, and no joke.

I’d blame the loud music I listened to, but seems to be a family trait from my Irish mother’s side.  Her parents and two of her four siblings have all had hearing aids…still do in the case of the siblings.

Yet, I sit here tonight, with good old Chicago (band…not city, nor musical) blaring over my PC speakers.  Currently running through one of their less than rock tunes…a song call “We Can Last Forever”…but the current pop culture does not have much better than this…and that scares me to my very being.

Now, before I continue, I promised one blog post per day…this will be my third…if you have a problem with it…FUCK YOU!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog…

I have seen Chicago, again the band, approximately 12 times.  The musical I have seen twice…once on stage which I didn’t get…and once on film which explained the stage version much better.  The city I have seen once and, assuming I ever travel into the US again, I would love to visit again.

Ironic, one friend on FB just told me that if I heard her sing I would go deaf…I’m not really all that far off anyway.

Yet, as I sit here, I have this want for live music…stadium…pub…whatever…need something that I can turn off the brain.

Can’t do this with iTunes as I know they aren’t playing for me, per say…when on hears a live show, for real, one cannot really blog about it during the show easily…even with the innovations Blackberry and iPhone have driven.

As such, on Facebook today, I’ve pasted a few old Chicago tunes…and I so wish I could go see those guys…or Howard Jones…or Peter Gabriel…or Genesis…or whoever…well, not really who ever as I’m pretty picky about who I like, but you know what I mean…or Billy Joel…just once more.

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