I have a few weaknesses, but one in particular gets me…the Kryptonite to my Man of Steel (metaphor only, not delusion)…the mojo sauce to my Austin Powers…the nuclear facility to my Lt. Drebin…the drag queen to my Cher…

Boots. Tall black boots. The taller the better. The blacker the better. I can generally avoid double takes on almost any piece of woman’s clothing…except boots.

Don’t get me wrong. The goddess makes the clothes look good, not the other way round, but boots are like a hook in the fish mouth ripping my head around to watch. Something I both hate and love.

Let’s get something straight. Women do not want to be viewed constantly for sex by guys. They deserve not to be viewed like this. Knowing my own psyche…unfortunately, I can only say one thing:

Tough luck.

Regardless of respect…equality…whatever…every guy has sex on his mind constantly. It’s how we’re wired. Knowing this…ladies…unless he is gay or finds the woman repulsive (which says more about him, than her)…he’s thought about what you would look like sucking his cock…or some equivalent there of.

Welcome to reality.

The difference, I find, is with the respect. The guy who leers…the guy who can’t turn those thoughts off for awhile and treat her professionally…they do not respect the goddess.

I may imagine a female colleague in less than full clothing…but I don’t drive on that. I realize that these ideas are about me…my psyche…and not truly about her.

Again, this is how guys are wired. We, allegedly, think about sex once every ten seconds or so. I’m here to say that is an understatement.

Add to this that some ‘gentlemen’ with power…boss…leader of some sort…will take advantage of that power and let those thoughts affect his actions to an unreasonable level. To the level where the women beneath him, say, in the office…at some point better get beneath him or they won’t be moving up his corporate ladder.

Flip this around, however, in that there are some women who will take advantage of the lust of a man to get something from him…though, to run a good old cliche up the flag pole, it does take two to tango. Unlike the first example, it will not hurt the guy if he stops her from running up his flag pole.

Now, these two devious examples aside we go back to something that, generally, are not equal about the genders. Men want sex. So do women, but not quite on the same level and not for the same reasons…generally. Of course there are exceptions.

With conditioning, a lot of people, because of these differences, hide their wants and needs…turn to more and more devious kinks…and some of these people are ones that no one will ever know about.

Example would be all the stories of priests taking advantage of young boys…all those who do not think this has been going on for centuries, please raise your hand so the rest of us can laugh at you. In addition, those who think it is no longer going on…well, we don’t want to do this too violently but WAKE UP!

This example proves that some people’s weaknesses are much more dangerous than the whiplash mine sometimes causes.

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