Cold Lips

I was going to talk about the cold again, but I’m Canadian, I can take it. Instead, I want to write about something explicit…and am currently filling out the first paragraph so that those on FB with virgin eyes don’t have to read it.

“”hey, which one of you cute little cupcakes wants to come home and cook me a nice meal and give me a blowjob!”
– George Carlin, his theory on what to say to piss off feminists.

The blowjob, however, is not taught.

Before I go any further, I will only refer to the giver as ‘her’ or ‘she’ due to my experience even though the gender of the giver is irrelevant in the grand scheme…unless you’re a priest, but I won’t go that direction.

“If you’re willing to swallow cum, let’s not make believe something I said was disgusting. Okay? Huh?
All right, let’s not have a double standard here, one standard will do just fine.”
– more of the same Carlin rant

The blowjob was once taboo. In the 70s, I would equate it to how anal sex is seen now.

Of course, it is all relative as well. Quality varies depending on a number of things: experience, adventurousness, lust, and even fitness…of both parties involved.

On the receiving end, a guy who has no experience will enjoy his member simply taken into the mouth. No sucking…no licking…but wet and warm works. I’ve had the “limp fish” blowjob and, though it feels nice, and once in a very long while, it is okay, but…

On the giving end, I cannot speak to my experience, but experience would teach what works on most guys, what limits the person has, and what the giver themselves enjoy.

Adventurousness is obvious. I can give a few examples here. My first girlfriend was more experienced than I was and I was, dare I say, embarrassed the first time she went down on me in the car. Since then I realize how confining the bedroom can be as, thanks to my experience, my want for adventure has jumped. Some might equate my thoughts on adventurousness with what they would call ‘attitude’. Since that first car blowjob, which lasted a total of two stroked before I made her stop…well, I have experience in my bedroom, hotel rooms, more cars, elevators, beach, back alley, night club, and even by a buddy’s gf at his place…while my gf was kind enough to do the same for him. On this level, I don’t think it matters whether you are giving or receiving.

Lust or want goes hand in hand with adventurousness or attitude. Again, no different if giving or receiving. Enough lust for a willing partner might actually increase one’s adventurousness. Some might also equate this level to sexual addiction…to which I call bullshit. To want sex is not addiction…to be unable to operate without it, that is addiction….sorry, tangent. Lust, however, gets exaggerated by the stories we read where two strangers end up naked in each other’s arms simply due to a flirty glance…no words…no gestures…and yet his cum drips from her lips. That is unrealistic…or, it is at least unsafe to allow such animalistic urges to take over.

Finally fitness has some aspect to it. Some positions, simply put, are awkward. How long can one expect the giver’s head to bob if they have poor neck muscles? Also, on the receiving end, dick control (henceforth referred to as “DC”) is underrated and not simply a commentary on wearing Speedos.

Okay, so those are the basics…and I know you are all asking about the specifics.

I can, and am about to tell you what works for me. I shall describe the one blowjob that has stuck in my mind as “the best” I have received. This does not mean it would work for all guys, however.

So, let me set the scene…

It was our second date. We went to a movie that I truly enjoyed, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The theatre was one of those cheaper, second run types, so the movie had been out for sometime. We were one of only two couples in the place.

As is my habit, I had just given her a book as a gift…always good to tell her I was thinking of her after the first date. That book brought about our first kiss just as the lights went down.

I now assume that she was not enjoying the film which should have been a red flag…however, I digress…ten minutes in, her lips were on my neck and her hand was tugging at my pant zipper. Very quickly, she released me from the confinements of my boxers by undoing the button and pulling my erection through my fly.

One thing that really works for me, I must admit, is when she pulls me out per say. I have been with women who sit back and await me to pull my cock out, but I do find that when she has enough want…enough lust to go in and get it on her own adds to it for me.

Back to our scene. This was one of the first AMC Cinemas in Canada, so it was the type of place that the arm between seats could be raised. She raised the arm and lowered her head to my lap. She unbuckled my belt and had my pants pulled down just enough so that she had full access.

For the next hour her tongue touched ever inch of my cock from balls to tip. She sucked everything from shaft to balls to even pubic hair. Her tongue, simply put, became intimately familiar with me and it was the first time I felt a woman’s muscles working as she swallowed the result of her work.

I married that one. Again, though, the fact she didn’t like the film should have been a red flag. As the saying goes., sex solves a lot of problems…sometimes too many. As it stands, I am a sucker of a gorgeous face and lips…pun completely intended.


  1. No wonder you liked that film, bet you can’t watch it now without thinking about that BJ.

    I have been meaning to write about this topic and I shall….when someone invents a time machine to give me more hours in the day…..but all I will say here is….I LOVE sucking cock, watching his face when I do and hearing his moans of pleasure when I get it just right….but maybe thats the sub in me. Driven by my need to please Him.


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