Stranded’s Awesome: I Wanted to Steele Her Heart

There was something about television in the early 80s…admittedly, a lot of the shows felt the same…Greatest American HeroRiptideWonder WomanVegas…and then there was the little Irishman that could…

Much as I enjoyed all of those other shows, I grew up as an early teen influenced by Night Court’s Harry Anderson and one Remington Steele.  Two very different shows, and Night Court I will probably address in a future “Awesome” post, but these were my shows.  I did not grow up with Star Trek, or Dallas, or even Soap…Remington was sweeping Laura off her feet before Willis and Shepherd were Moonlighting…and, it seems, they suffered from the Moonlighting curse.

In essence, once the mating of the main characters was assumed, everyone lost interest…see fourth and fifth season ratings of the current series, Chuck, for proof of how that works.

So…where was I?  Oh yes…Pierce BrosnanStephanie Zimbalist…MGM, 1983…a female private detective invents a masculine superior to help drive business and an Irish conman accidentally slips into the role.  A show that, in one sense, was killed by James Bond.

I must admit that Ms. Zimbalist was probably my biggest celeb crush as a 13-year old boy.  As well, there are still times I want to be Mr. Steele.


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