Eight Days a Week

Round and round we go…where we stop…where we stop…where we stop…

Why do we never stop?

Stress…debt…depression…tired…anger…and in some sense all comes from the fact that we no longer stop.

When first in Toronto 26 years ago, I made fun of the fact that Ontario was one of the last Canadian provinces to allow for Sunday shopping. Stores were, except in tourist areas, closed outright on Sundays.

My belief was that it was based on some archaic Christian ritual and that stores should have a right to be open if the public was willing to buy.

I still agree with both of those arguments, however I think I missed one major point.

No one rests anymore.

Thanks to a need for economic growth that seems to overrule our need for mental health, businesses are up and running twenty-four seven.

The economy…a man-made concept seems to overrule many concepts in the grand scheme of things.

I always remember Ed Stelmach, then Premiere of Alberta saying something to the affect of his supporting environmental initiatives so long as they didn’t hurt the economy. Always felt he got that backwards.

Admittedly, many of these environmental issues have become big economy things. Heard a report about a year ago that Greenpeace now rivals the National Football League in revenues. Have yet to see any numeric proof, but this is not that outlandish of a claim.

No real surprise then that the economy now rules over health…human rights…hunger…the disabled…and even child labour.

Scratching your head on the last one, right? Read somewhere, and I will paraphrase but do not recall the author, that North America did not stop slavery. It was simply exported.

If it is not happening in my backyard, then it does not matter…an attitude all too common.

Another one I heard today that made me chuckle is how China is now embarrassing North America with its “impressive” moves on cutting greenhouse gases.

Let me get this straight…we have been dealing with environmental movements as policy in North America and the Western World for twenty years now. Until recently, China was opening a new coal fired power plant every two weeks or so. How does China playing catch up embarrass us unless it is a left-wing lobby guilt ploy?

Before anyone gets all upset about me picking on the left…remember that I think the right movement that has the economy ruling all is just as bad.

Those who can afford it will and do…those that cannot afford it will to, but will owe a tidy debt plus compound interest to those that could afford it anyway.

Keep hearing rumblings of those afraid of the one world government and how they will lose their sovereign rights as a nation…

Truth is a single governing body might actually serve us better in the short term…not sure on a long term.

Capitalism may certainly be the best system…but it needs a severe tweaking. Too many loopholes are there for corruption and taking advantage of those that do not know the situation.

Too many ways for the rich to be sitting on a beach sipping their margaritas while watching their employees jump through hoops seven days a week. With the Western World population stagnating, how else will they make their 10% increase in revenues each year?

Your sanity be damned, I want my 10%.

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