Best Red Sweater Ever!

“So you didn’t like being Jake then, eh?”  I chuckled.

Gray stared at me.  “Fuck, no.  I want to do porn, but not have it fuck up.  And I liked that computer.  By the way, being this is the year 2032, are you sure a laptop is modern enough?  You should be giving me stuff that is more futuristic, shouldn’t you?”

“You have a point there.  Maybe we should try it from another perspective than, shall we?”  I winked at him.

His face brightened up.  “Yes…yeah!  But I can still do the porn, right?”

“Sure you can…but wear this.”

A red sweater fell from the ceiling.

“This thing is ugly.”  He picked up the sweater and eyed it closely.  “Alright.  This has to be better than the Jake stuff, right?”

“That’s up to you.  You should go get something to eat,” I instructed him.

“Yeah, suppose I am famished.”  He slipped the sweater over his black tee-shirt.  “Now, where are those keys.”

I shook my head.  “Dude, it’s 2032.  Who needs keys?”

Gray’s smile brightened further.  “Now you’re cooking with gas.”

“You don’t need gas anymore either.”

“Don’t fuck with my head,” he said with a wave and left the apartment.

“Good-bye, Gray,” a computer female voice said as it locked the door behind him.

“Cool,” he said in a chuckle as he started down the stairs to street level.  He stepped out from the building and the auto-valet immediately brought down his hover-bike.  “No way!”  He quickly straddled the bike and used the handle to rev the engine.

“Helmet, please,” the bike computer instructed.

“Oh, come on just let me…”

“Hover-cycle will automatically shut down if helmet is not engaged in thirty seconds.”

Gray sighed and found the helmet the auto-valet was holding for him.

The auto-valet was a golden robot that looked frighteningly like C3P0, but had the ability to smile.

“Dude, you’re just freaky,” Gray told him and slipped his helmet on.

“Of course, sir,” the auto-valet answered and released the hover bike.

“Destination, please,” the bike computer requested.

Gray thought for a moment.  “Food.”

A restraint snapped over both legs to hold him, and the bike took off.

“Shit!” Gray hung onto the handlebars as the bike sped along the street towards the alleged destination.

The bike halted with a new auto-valet waiting in front of a grocery store.

Gray pried his hands off the handlebars, handed the valet his helmet and got off the bike.

The valet quickly took the bike away to the roof parking lot.

“Man, this is fucked up.  Not exactly where I wanted to go, but…”  His eyes caught the blonde who glanced at him with a slight grin on her face.

She had blue eyes and hair half down her back.  Her belly tee-shirt was white and a small gold piercing dangled from her belly button.  Her blue jean skirt was half-way down her thigh and her black boots came up high enough to just give a sliver of flesh between the two.

“Nice,” he whispered.

Her grin turned to a smile.  “What are you looking at?” she asked with a wink.

He smiled back.  “I know what I like, and I’m looking at that.”

She glanced around the sidewalk of the grocery store.  “Come on, hun.  Let’s go for a walk.”

Gray did not need to be told twice.  He quickly caught up to her and walked along the front of the store.

At the far end of the building, her left hand grabbed his crotch and dragged him around the corner into a dark walkway.  She slammed him against the wall and with a quick pull had his pants open and her hand on his erection.  “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Absolutely not.”  His eyes followed hers as she dropped to her knees.

“Nice sweater,” she said just before slipping her lips over his erection.  On the first stroke she gagged as she took him to the hilt right back to her throat.

Gray grabbed a handful of hair and urged her to go deeper.

She obliged with more gagging sounds behind it.

“Damn, it’s like I’m being blown by Faith Hill.”

She stopped.  “Who?  My name is Harper.”

“Never mind.  Stand up, Harper.”

She did as instructed and turned around.  Leaning against the opposite wall, she bent forward.

With the darkness he could not see her panties under her skirt, but his right hand quickly pushed them aside.  His fingers quickly opened her up as his left hand grabbed his erection and guided it in.

Harper moaned as her pussy accepted it in deep and her hips pushed back against him.  “Fuck me.”

“Absolutely,” Gray responded and began to slam into her…

Her grin turned to a frown.  “What the fuck are you looking at?”

Gray blinked as his mind returned to reality.  “Um, nothing.”

“Fucking right.  You’re not worthy.”

Gray looked away and waited until she was out of ear shot.  His mind’s eye looked at me.  “Fuck you.  I told you I didn’t want to do any more of Cliff’s Turn About stories either…you bastard.”  He then went into the grocery store where he was soon to find out that he had no money…but I don’t want to tell him that as the comedic value will be priceless.

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