Oral With Smoke and Mirrors

On a Saturday morning it is still dark and yet I am awake in this big half-empty bed.

Or is it half-full?

Or do I need new jokes as I have used this one too often?

I recall the last time I woke up next to a woman I took that opportunity to wake her by rolling over and sliding in. This is a scene I have also mentioned often.

This woman, a friend still, taught me something.

I have something of an oral fixation…both directions in that I love the taste and love to be tasted. Anyone reading my work would see that. I will likely end up like a George Carlin when I am 70-something and still making up blowjob stories.

As we wander the pages of, say, Tumblr with all the artsy black and white erotica…and in all seriousness, sex would be much more artsy if it happened in black and white, no?…he asked sarcastically.

Sorry, I digress.

As we wonder these traded pictures posing as original thought from people who neither took, nor were involved with the taking of said pictures…the picture of a woman on her knees waiting always looks so submissive. It also gives the idea of a pending blowjob.

So submissive. Such a good girl.

My friend, however, that I am certain is confused reading the above and thinking, “I didn’t teach him that.“…pointed out how false this thought is. I will paraphrase but where a blowjob is concerned, think about where her teeth are.

Who is the submissive now?

Another friend and I were in a discussion about how her dom would not go down on her as he thought the action to be “too submissive”. Again, in image perhaps, but in action cunnilingus is a very dominant activity.

All smoke and mirrors distort these pictures.

For me, the best dom would be the one leaving her wanting more…

Not in a: “What the fuck was that? I wanted more!” type way.

More in a: “That was fucking awesome. Please, sir, may I have some more?”

Cunnilingus and fellatio easily fall in this later. Between the eye contact that tells the receiver that “you are mine” to the hands controlling the recipient…the performer has much more control than those pictures would let on.

Yes, a blowjob is extremely pleasant for the one receiving…but I know submit that he is much more the submissive than the fellatieur.

Look, ‘ma…I made up a word!

One other thing that has always struck me as odd is how some think that intercourse is more personal than fellatio.

Considering where her brain is…where her mouth is that words come from to express her thoughts and desires…where her eyes are as they watch you…I find this to be much more personal.

And if she swallows…doubly so.

Damn…now I want a blowjob.

Wonder what Carlin would do? Well, beyond asking which feminist cupcake was going to cook for him and give him a blowjob…even he saw the act of giving as submissive…and odds are, even the feminist group he was talking about does, too.

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