Collar for a Good Girl

Press play…

She allowed me to lift her head from the pillow.  I can only imagine the feeling of the leather I slipped under her neck, followed by the slight clink as the buckle was done up.  It brought a smile to her lips.

It was her birthday, and I had promised her something special.  As the first part of her gift, I had given her the blindfold.  My specific instructions were to undress completely, lie on the bed and put the blindfold on.  I left her to her task and, unbeknownst to her, allowed the guests to quietly enter.

The four-poster bed was covered in a deep purple duvet.  As with most bedrooms, it was normally up against one wall but for tonight’s festivities I had moved it to the middle of the room before bringing four kitchen chairs in for the audience.  With my normal Boris artwork on the walls, this was bound to be a show.

Such a good girl as, with the click of the door opening, she was naked on the bed.  Blonde hair was spread across the lone pillow, done in the same fabric as the duvet.  Her ankles were crossed and her hands intertwined upon her belly.

As we entered, I hope she could not hear the other footfalls, although I believe she had an inkling of what was going on.

Music began to fill the room with tunes from one of her favourite films, “Repo! The Genetic Opera”.

Two of our participants went about restraining.  Each of her arms was placed in cuffs and attached to the bed posts.  Then her ankles had the same ritual performed.  Finally, I got up and put on her collar.  She would know it had to be Master putting her collar on as I would not allow any other to do that.

The thought of other people seeing her spreadeagle and naked on the bed was a turn on that I could not hide.  Returning to my chair, the erection was obvious.

A first surprise came and she squealed with pain and glee.  She loved wax play, but had obviously not anticipated this.  One of the men stood over her with a candle, dipping it slightly to allow the wax to land on her pale skin.  However, the emerging grin sent away my fears of her not enjoying.

After a cleanup, next was the tingling of static electricity…the “wand” was out and she squirmed against her restraints.  This even brought about some laughter in the room over the music, proving she was not alone with Master.  The second of our male guests used the wand, running it along her thighs and then over her breasts…as it got to her shoulders, it sent a few of strands of blonde hair skyward.

A moment break followed…just a moment.

I signaled that she was ready, and Redhead stood causing a slight clink from the chain on her own collar.

Beneath the blindfold, the look on her face showed her asking, “What is this?

Redhead could have passed for an older Faye Reagan after having children; the red hair to the shoulders and even freckles.  The blue eyes were the only obvious difference.  She crouched at the foot of the bed and slowly moved between my Good Girl’s legs…her tongue stuck out.

As Redhead’s tongue lowered and initially flicked the pussy, my Good Girl moaned and thrust her hips closer.  Straining against her restraints, she wanted more of this as the tongue pushed in.

Redhead was happy to oblige, quickly locking her lips on the pussy and pushing further.  Then her fingers spread and explored as well.

At the head of the bed, one of the men crawled on and lowered the tip of his cock to her lips.  Immediately, she opened her mouth to accept it and suck on it.  Such a Good Girl as her reaction showed she knew it was not mine…but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

A second man straddled her chest and squeezed her breasts together so he could fuck her cleavage.

The third man tugged on the leash of Redhead’s chain to pull her away.  Redhead stood and walked around the bed as the third man mounted my Good Girl.

I signaled for the one having his cock sucked to stop which he did immediately and got off the bed.  The chest straddler did the same at my nod.  Both men quickly pulled on their pants and waited for my next instruction.

Finally, I nodded to the third who pulled out.  He walked over to his own clothes, still stroking himself until he began to dress.

Lastly, Redhead gave her the real birthday present as she got back on the bed and straddled her face.  For the first time, my Good Girl tasted pussy directly.

The men all filed out of the room to go enjoy the beer I had for them in the kitchen.

I walked to the bed and took her left wrist to release it from the restraint…then around to the right…then each ankle in turn.  Finally, to the head of the bed where I had to manhandle Moaning Redhead off of her so I could remove the blindfold.  I kissed her pussy-tasting lips.  “Happy birthday.”  My eyes glanced up to Redhead, curled on the bed beside her and breathing hard.  “You like.”

“Oh yes,” her smile told all.

“Good girl, play nice.”

As I closed the door behind me, I stole one final glance to see Redhead lowering down for a deep kiss with my Good Girl.

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