Vibrations #snaperotica

Morning came swiftly and without mercy.  Sunlight slipped around the blinds and began to light the mustard walls of the room.  Birds chirped as they passed outside the apartment, oblivious to what was going on inside.

Cindy screamed…again.

The windows of the condo were very good sound insulators, so no one heard.  Not even the birds.

More screams as inside the shadowed room, Cindy lowered herself onto the vibrator again.


Her right hand held the vibrator while the fingers of her left hand played with her clit.


Her brunette curls swayed back and forth with the slow rolling of her hips with the vibrator.


She came hard, screaming turning into a wail as her orgasm shook through her.


Collapsing face-down on the bed with the vibrator humming softly, still between her legs, she huffed and puffed to recapture her breath.


“Very nice,” Jim said with a smile.

“Thanks.”  Cindy pulled herself up on to hands and knees and slipped off the bed.  “I think it is your turn.”  She handed him the vibrator.

With a laugh, Jim took it from her.

“Now give me the camera,” she said with a sly grin.

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