Sex With Nerds

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Ness sat listening, mouthing the words as though there were actual words to this tune. Her red bob-cut hair swayed to the beat.

Lex’s bald head also nodded to the same beat. His blue eyes danced, as though following the music on the oak paneled wall across from the foot of the king-sized bed.

Milton also kept the beat on his bare thigh. His afro was almost the exact opposite of tight and bounced with his head nods. Thick black glasses slipped down his nose, which he quickly pushed back up over and over again.

John provided the tunes, although indirectly as he had conducted the London Symphony Orchestra and recorded this particular cut for a movie in 1980. It was dark…it was heavy…and it was the perfect march for the evil villain.

Speaking of that particular villain, a vintage plaqued poster of Darth Vader stared down at them from the center of the paneled wall above the head of the bed. In fact, all three walls were paneled…a throw back to the seventies Nessa had wanted when remodeling the tiny bedroom. The fourth wall was floor to ceiling windows. To Vader’s immediate left was a similar sized plaqued poster of just the head of a vintage 1980 Cylon. Yet further left was the reimagined Cylon from the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica. To Vader’s immediate right was ALF smiling and waving with the original movie poster from Stargate next. Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman graced the door cut in the wall to the left of the bed. The wall was shared with one poster featuring Yoda and a second series of smaller pictures of “Weird Al” Yankovic. At the foot of the bed was Nessa’s desk that held her computer monitor with PC beneath it, a large mirror that was almost entirely covered with vintage alien and other sci/fi photos. To the left of the desk a large poster of Jean Luc Picard stared with his blue eyes commanding them. To the right was William Katt in “the suit” as The Greatest American Hero and, as usual, having difficulty flying past Nessa’s component stereo where the vinyl was currently revolving.

“Nothing beats vinyl,” Ness said and gave each erection, to either side of her, a squeeze.

“When we gonna play D&D?” Lex asked.

“Shut up, you twit. I think getting laid is more important than D&D you stupid oaf.” Milton scolded.

“It is?”

“It is,” Ness stated in a deep and sultry voice before giving each cock another squeeze.

“But why did you tell us to bring our dice? I even found my lucky dee five!” Lex complained.

Rising up from her pillow between them she released Milton’s member. Ness crawled over Lex and settled between his legs, eye-to-cock. “Lex? When was the last time you were fucked?”

“Oh, I don’t…”

She gripped his penis and lowered her face close to it so he could feel her breath upon it. “When was the last time you un-sheathed your sword and pleasured a fair maiden with it?”

“There is a hyphen in un-sheathed, you know. You can’t use it in Scrabble,” Milton offered.

Her mouth fell open and for a moment as Ness had no words. This evening seemed to not quite be going as she had expected. “No, I guess you can’t.”

“Sheathed works,” Lex said with a grin. “Eight letter word, imagine the points if you got a triple word with it.”

“True, but imagine if you could use un-sheathed with ten letters. You could get use two triple word.”

“Nine times,” Lex agreed.

Ness sucked Lex’s cock between her lips.

“Nine fucking times,” Milton repeated more slowly as he watched her.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“What? Never had your cock sucked before?” Milton laughed one creepy guffaw.

Lex had difficulty catching his breath. “Oh, like you have.”

“Of course I have.”


“Susan Saunders in grade ten.”

“Grade ten?”

Ness stopped and joined in. “I remember her, she had the hots for you, Milt.”

“Grade ten was fucking eight years ago,” Lex pointed out, and gasped again as Ness returned to the blowjob.

“Still more than you. She did it twice.” Milton laughed that creepy laugh again.

“I think I’m cumming,” Lex said with heavy breath.

Ness swallowed all of it. Nothing of white was left as she finished off with a lick of her lips and a smile. “I bet I’m better at it than Susan Saunders.”

Milton turned to Lex. “Was she?”

“How would I know, she blew you, not me.”

“Good point,” Milton agreed.

Ness eyed Milton’s darkest skinned cock with a wider grin. “Good point, indeed.” She moved over between his legs.

With blue eyes blinking, Lex watched as Ness started sucking again.

“Very nice,” were the only words Milton could muster.

“Thanks.” Ness stared at him and sucked once again.

“You have practiced a lot?”

Ness squeezed and absently stroked while she thought of her answer. “Yes, on carrots, bananas, and the few Coke bottles I could find. I read about it and wanted to finally try it on a guy.”

“Brave that you invited two of us.” Milton’s head lay back into his pillow.

“I didn’t expect both of you to come over.”

Lex blinked twice, still watching silently…and then could no longer hold it in. “So we going to play D&D now?”

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