Sluts and Dragonslayers

Author’s note:  This is the third episode of Sensual Nerdism.

Photo by JimmytheJ

She had nipples.  Lex had stared at them, studied them, and even bitten them.  Yet he always thought of them as looking like the shape of a D12.  He held up a D12 close to compare.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ness was, as usual, annoyed with him.

“Just checking.  It looks so…”

“When Milton and Carla get here, you’re going to scare them off.”

“We’ve played with Milton before.  He has his own dice.”  He reached down to his dice bag on the floor and dropped the di in.

Ness rolled her brown eyes hard enough that her red hair swayed.  “Carla is normal, you dufus.”

“You mean…?”

She shook her head.

“…she doesn’t play…”

Ness dropped her chin to her chest and closed her eyes in disappointment.


“Fuck, no, she doesn’t.  She’s going to fuck your brains out and all you care about is the dice.”

He shrugged and let his eyes drift lower to Ness’ shaved pussy.  “What happens when we are done?”

“You’re unbelievable!”  She sat up and grabbed his flaccid cock pushing him flat back onto the white sheets.  “You will be fucked by two women tonight and your mind is on dragons.”

His erection quickly formed.  “Dragonslaying.  I’m a slayer.”

Her only answer was to lean forward and take his cock in her mouth.

“Nothing wrong with a guy wanting to swing a sword, is there?  Riding our steeds into battle and defeating the enemy.” His voice took an awkward pitch as her blowjob pulled a gasp from him mid-sentence.

She sucked him deeper and scrambled over his left leg so she could lay between his knees.

“To use our magic and might as we go after ogres and goblins.”

Her hand slipped under his balls and lightly squeezed.

“Speaking of which, not sure I fed Shadowfax after our last campaign.”

This made her stop.  “Shadowfax?  How unoriginal, that’s Gandalf’s horse.”

“I know, but…”

Sucking him back into her mouth, a finger on her left hand found his ass and slipped in.

His voice went awkward for a moment again.  “…I was not really thinking that day.”

With a finger almost fully in, Ness began to consider where her strap-on was.  Her right hand still free, she reached off the bed and found it.  Pulling off of him she got up on her knees.  “Turn over.”

Lex rolled over slowly.  “I remember Milton’s old elf used to ride a horse named Chewbacca.  That was pretty funny.”

She strapped on quickly and then used both hands to spread his ass cheeks so she could slide the dildo protruding from her belt into him.

Without warning the door opened.  “Hi guys,” Milton stood with a smile at first, before his look turned astonished.

Carla, behind him, giggled and covered her mouth.

Lex flipped his head over to look at Milton.  “Why do you bring a girl that doesn’t play D&D?”

Milton’s eyes widened in mock surprise.  Turning to Carla, he asked, “You don’t play D&D?”

Her blonde shoulder-length hair swayed as she shook her head.  “Nope, can’t say that I do.”

“Guess it is a good thing we’re not here to play then.”

She slipped her hand around Milton and gave his cock a squeeze through his blue jeans.  “I was thinking,” she growled in his ear, “we might fuck instead.”

“See, Lex.  No problem.”  Milton grinned as Carla’s hand began to undo his button fly.

Lex shook his head and let out a deep breath as Ness thrust slowly into him.  “That’s great, but what are we going to do after we fuck?”

Carla giggled again, now with Milton’s member in her hand.  “Who says the fuck is ever going to end?”

Lex had no answer for this.

Carla stepped into the room, pushing Milton in.  Her pink dress that had hung to her knees slipped off quickly and she climbed on the bed.

Milton had some difficulty with his socks, however, as he struggled to disrobe.

Carla grinned at Ness and kissed her deeply.  “May I?”

Ness knew what she wanted.  “On your knees, slut!”

Lex responded as ordered.

Carla lay on her back to slide her head beneath him.  Propping herself up on her elbows, she began to suck his rigid cock.

Milton, finally naked, knelt at the edge of the bed and put his mouth to Carla’s pussy.

Lex, having been too warmed up already, came quickly in Carla’s mouth causing her to gag, cough and then laugh as the white liquid slipped out and down her cheeks.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she said through laughter.

“See,” Lex said with raw disappointment.  “I won’t be hard again for hours.  Now what are we supposed to do.”

Milton glanced up from between Carla’s legs.  “Are you kidding?”

“I suppose I could always put Stargate in the DVD.”

Ness spanked him hard, causing him to yelp.  “We will get you hard again, don’t worry about that.”

Lex grunted.  “Fine, but I’m not going to enjoy it.”

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