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Sitting in a silent office as my fingers tap this bit out on the keys.  Has been some time since a “train of thought” piece has *ahem* graced these pages, but here goes…

The end of August is when the melancholies always hit for the white stuff.  Toronto has suffered through, generally, a pretty mild summer…other than the flooding…which compared to what my hometown of Calgary went through, was also mild.  Temps have been mid-to-high twenties on the Celsius with a few days in the thirties plus the typical humidity…and yes, Toronto gets humid.  Now, as already stated, bring on the snow!

Perhaps not the best idea for sexcapades under the moonlight when it gets that cold, but it makes everything look so clean when that white blanket has freshly fallen.  The first footprints or tire-tracks through 10cm of powder is a beautiful thing.

With the new Stranded HQ being on the ninth storey of a downtown condo, excitement has hit with the anticipation of watching that blizzard from those windows as it reigns its destruction on the black streets below.

Shivers, it brings…but good shivers.

Speaking of sex in the snow…not really…will be in Atlanta in a little less than two months (1 month, 19 days, 32 hours and 11 seconds at press time) for Eroticon USA and seems that it will be a fantastic time…even if there is no snow there, either.  May even have an announcement to Tweet when there, but more will cum on that as the time nears.

Maybe a hint.  Going to invent a word for this hint, even…think “Quadrilogy”.

Okay, not much of a hint, but the word makes me giggle.

Yes, this guy is over two hundred pounds and he giggles…deal with it.

Was tempted to stay an extra night in Atlanta and get tickets to see the Falcons hosting the Buccaneers, but turned out not to be an option.  For one thing, with the silly NFL rules about what one can take into a game, and knowing hotel check-out time is prior to kickoff, never mind the game ending…where would one put one’s stuff?

Anyhow…enough sports…more sex…

If the sex is not good this is an entirely different discussion…but can there ever be enough good sex?

For those germaphobes and anti-socialites, perhaps there can be enough…or even too much…but for the average person, if it is good, would twice daily even be enough?

In regards to sex, one good ‘ole right-wing Christian once said those fateful words to me:  “Those that can, do.  Those that cannot, write about it.”

Pffft….bullshit.  Nice defence when trying to pick on someone and make one’s self feel superior, but my life has become proof that this statement is blatantly false on all counts.  In fact, thanks is strongly due to @strandedgf…my muse, my love, and the marketing genius of Stranded in Toronto.

If you do not like the word “Quadrilogy”…blame her (no, not really).

So, back to the right-winger that does not play hockey…perhaps a reimagining of the cliché is in order:

Those that can, do.  Those that cannot, complain about anyone else that can in any way possible in order to make themselves feel better about carrying guns as compensation for something.

How’s that?

Even a slap at the pro-weapon groups there.  My mind keeps going back to an old Tweet:

Freedom does not come with the right to own a weapon, but instead comes from the confident knowledge that one does not need to.

Have always felt that packing weapons breeds paranoia.  How does one ever one-up the “bad guys” on firepower?  It becomes a never-ending cycle that only ends once six-feet under.

Shit…this was supposed to be about sex…good sex…not weapons and right-wing nuts.

On writing there should be a couple of things mentioned…Savannah is trucking along and will continue through to next July.  There are the two other series that are crossing over, Praise Miriam and the Songbirds, which will do the same.  Sensual Nerds will continue on for a while as well.  There is a new series that will be starting this weekend as well, Welcome to My Bubble…this one has been in the works for some time now and finally ready to go.  Then there is the newest, still in its infancy, but starting to bubble and mature like a fine wine sipped from the navel of one’s lover…so new, it does not even have a page yet…the Infinite Monkey cometh soon.

Now…in closing, please follow me back on track…

Go ahead and spread the legs just a little…lay back.  Been much too long since my tongue has visited such delicious realms…for it to dance along the opening petals as it tastes everything.  Been much too long since we have done this…just sit back and relax.  This may take a long, long while…

And, as always, thanks for reading…every so often I still get giddy at the thought of people reading my work…this is one of those times.  Started this post at 6h30 am EST and now, slightly more than four hours later…between order entry and climbing wood stacks…time to throw this bottle in the cyber-sea.

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