Storm’s Rhythm

By Engel de AslanThe rain and wind rattled the window with its want to gain access.  Outside it pounded the streets, the grass, the cars and even the few souls trying to get somewhere through it.  Lightning provided a rapid and violent light show that brought thunder’s applause constantly and often…the only light, it seemed, as the storm had taken the power already from them.

Inside, he stood in just back the piano and grasped the ass of the young woman in front of him.

She bent over and allowed her fingers to play, soft and haunting…light enough to allow the rain and thunder to lead the beat.  Her stockings were but a shadow in the lightning that would play across the room at random crashes.

The old man’s fingers played over her thighs, spreading her legs and slipping between to find her spot.  Crouching down, his fingers showed his tongue exactly where it was in the darkness with lightning flaring just long enough for him to have a look at it before tasting.

Her back arched with his fingers and tongue inside her, hips pushing back for him to be deeper.

He licked and tasted and probed until he believed she was ready.

Her fingers continued to play on, a random improvised dark tune that gave the rain reason to dance harder.

Standing behind her now, warmth and wetness embraced his erection as he eased the head inside of her.  His hands spreading her ass open for access and allowing his right thumb to play with her anus.  Rhythm took over as he began to thrust into her with the beat of rain, thunder and lightning.

She pushed back against him, hard and yet still playing the keys.  The smack of his pelvis against her ass creating more percussion to the already musical storm.  The smack of his balls against her clit began to bring voice to her pleasure as her lungs began to scream out with joy.

Climax was close.

Her voice grew.

His erection strengthened.

She screamed.

His warmth erupted inside her.

They both collapsed on the piano in a mass of heavy breathing and sweat.

“I think my clothes should be dry,” she whispered with a grin.

He allowed his hands to squeeze the breasts of the random woman he had helped from the pouring rain.  She had been soaked and cold…and he was hungry.  “Yes, I imagine they should be.”

They both stood back up and she leaned back for a deep kiss over her shoulder.  “Thank you.”

Being he was hungry, he had wanted her warm and happy…now she was…

She made a very similar sound to that of her orgasm as she felt the pinch of his teeth penetrating into her neck.

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