Fishy Ink


I was all ready with my normal story for Wicked Wednesday and then a rather major problem occurred…for starters, the story simply will not work in blog format.

So was back to the drawing board this afternoon…however, then a thought occurred that was just too much to pass up.


With the Wicked Wednesday prompt being “pain and pleasure” this week, this seemed oddly appropriate…and this may not be as sinful as some photos might seem (though to some it will be seen as a bigger sin than any sensual pic might be)…but finally got my Darwin fish.

This pic was taken just this afternoon of the newest addition to the Stranded left arm, and tattoo #5…not quite four days old yet, having only gotten it on Tuesday.

Was a new tattoo artist that surprised me in her minimalist approach to this one…I gave her carte blanche after sending her the design concept, and expected to be sitting in the chair with her telling me to stop crying for an hour or so.

Took fifteen minutes and, compared to my previous work…as the artist said it would be…this one feels more like a cat scratch than the sunburns that were the other four.

Now the debate has already begun to rage…am I done?

Or will there be a sixth?


  1. love it, I like getting tatooed, and have more planned…hopeully my christimas present to myself will be the start of the next one. I think if you should certainly plan number 6 🙂


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