Swingers on Friday at Club M4

My longtime readers will know Club M4 rather intimately…though perhaps not by name.

The opening stanza of Just Prey – Savannah Book One uses this swingers club as a setting. In fact, the setting was used a few times within Savannah lore for settings.

M4 is a place that we first *ahem* cut our swinging teeth almost two years ago. Having been to regular Liberty Village BDSM parties, a friend of mine suggested we try M4 when we were first dating. For awhile, we became semi-regular at the place.

M4 is a basement club, in all respects, located along the lake shore in Toronto’s west end. One enters the joint from street level through glass storefront doors that open onto stairs descending into the depths one full flight down. Opening the set of doors at the bottom reveals the greeters waiting to assist with sign-in and, for newbies, tours.

On our first time here felt like when we used to hang out in my aunt’s basement with its low ceilings and oddball lighting. The place has evolved in design since then to be a little more fashionable. The fully stocked bar runs along most of the south wall and hosts the DJ area, tonight as I write this Shy is spinning the iTunes and getting the dancers to scream.

Those same dancers are a mass of writhing and jiving bodies intertwined and moving to the rhythm of dance tune offerings…wait, that isn’t Rush!

No, Shy will not play Rush, even were I to beg…which I won’t. Well, not again, as it didn’t work the first time.

Moving on past the dance floor, one finds the sitting area with so many sofas that it must be a full-time job looking for loose change after hours. The place is dark, of course, with strobe and coloured lights also dancing. The artwork that is permanent is currently enhanced with monster masks on the walls and ghosts dangling from the ceiling…’tis the season.

More screams erupt from the dance floor as a song that Weird Al has recently covered takes over the air. Something about blurring lines that are now, and forever more, a word crime.

Then the real screaming begins. At midnight the back area…the play area…opens.

Being my mobile phone is frowned upon in the play area, for obvious reasons, the rest of this review is being written at home, in bed, the next morning..

Heading to the back is a dark hallway that, as of last evening, now has couches for more quiet discussions. This hall opens into restrooms and the member locker area. Lockers are assigned, some tall, some short, where most clothing is divested of and locked away. In the back area, women are allowed lingerie and underwear, whereas men are only allowed a towel…though lately men are wandering through often in briefs, so this may be a soft rule.

In the back, the writhing bodies take on their rhythm, and the aforementioned screams are more orgasmic than party people. More couches (and thus loose change) and numerous mattresses are spread throughout the maze of the play area. Three private rooms adorn one wall with one curtained semi-private room and a couples-specific play area across from it. At the end, two more mattresses are open for all before a bend that takes us into the orgy room and the library. The library has a second bar, more couches, and a St Andrew’s cross where there is usually light BDSM play going on.

Again, being one that came from BDSM events before here, this is extremely light play.

One thing I do not understand, however, are the large plasma screens that they have randomly scattered about the place…all showing porn. Ummm…this is a sex club where the porn is live. Why, exactly, do they need porn from fake people on the screens as well?

Sex is everywhere…and this is where our tour ends as I’ve written enough erotica in these pages that most of you know how that goes.

Of all the clubs we have been to in the Toronto area, think it is easy to say that M4 has made itself the most accepting for us. There are no limitations on body types, personality, nor attitudes that some of the other clubs seem to frown upon. The darker side of this club, especially on a Friday, is the predatory nature of the CSGs (Creepy Single Guys). I am not suggesting all single guys fall into this predator mentality when at such a club, but it seems to happen often here. Unless you go on a couples/single women only Saturday night, M4 has a lot of them. There are times when one might be watching or playing that one is greeted with a WoG (Wall of Guys) either playing voyeur or getting in the way. That said, the CSGs pay the bills so that couples and women can get in cheaper.

The drinks are not overly high priced, and there are few extras the club never asks members for cash. Perhaps they have body-painter in-house on occasion, but they never flog anything else (pun completely intended).

Long story short, we recommend the place for those that want to experience sensory overload at first…and those that want more group to their grope.

swingers swinging at Club M4


  1. I remember onece when myself and the Mrs. were in the Library bar. Everyone around the bar was commenting on the porn. On the bruise on the actresses’ bum, a couple of errant hairs missed while shaving, etc. Essentially on everything *except* the titilation of the porn itself. There was way too much live titilation going on around us!

  2. Hi,

    My girlfriend and I would like to know how we can find out more about bdsm events and venues in Toronto. The liberty village stuff you mention – were those more like private parties or are there clubs for this sort of thing?

    If it’s more like private parties how does one meet the type of person who might invite you to this sort of thing?



  3. Hi, we have never been to any swinger club. From what I understood there are multiple layers from just parting to orgy rooms. I’m asking if my wife or I felt uncomfortably can we still stay and enjoy a little erotic party or we have to join the swingers.


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