Seven Lightsabers and a Third Blogiversary

1096 days ago…26, 304 hours ago…94, 694, 400 seconds ago (aren’t calculators lovely?)

I know…I know…this is starting to sound like a new song being written for Rent.

Three years ago today a man sat in a farm-house, roughly an hour north of Toronto, and signed into WordPress for the first time. Not to suggest he had not been writing online prior to that, but he finally began to organize and share his writing regularly.

It was proved early, and proved often, that he had no idea what the fuck he was doing nor getting himself into.

Since that time, including this one, he has written or posted 946 pieces…some very good pieces and some that leave one wondering at just what level of drunkenness he was operating at when typing that piece out.

So yes…three years. And, of course, to quote a very famous philosopher:

*taps chest* “He’s me.” – Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi

Of course, after saying this, Mr. Obi Wan handed young Luke a lightsaber that would eventually lead to really bad nightmares, Obi Wan’s death and the loss of a hand…so let’s just end the reference before any of you lose limbs, shall we?

Three years.

Perhaps I should continue that metaphor. Normally, and I’ve done this before, I would go into some sloppy reminiscing about the favorite bits of my writing. This time, thought I might do it slightly differently.

Perhaps a few lightsabers to hand out…and now I’ve completely fucked up this metaphor as these are people whom have inspired me over the last three years and not people I’m looking to train and have follow me into some rebellion against an oppressive empire.

Wait…there was a BDSM reference in there somewhere…

That and most people would leave these lists until January 1st…what the fuck, here goes, anyway…being the obvious number, 42 would be too high, let’s call this my top seven, or:

The first annual Stranded Seven LightsabersLightsaber by Remco van der meer

We begin with a yellow lightsaber…yes, yellow:

  • Sex With Rose – yellow for optimism. We met Rose at Eroticon in Bristol, and even as she sniffled her way through a cold the woman just beams light. Her site, pictures and writing, is usually fun and light with the light corset boning of her takes on mental issues.

I also have a purple lightsaber:

  • Cammies on the Floor – purple for their creative…and dare I say two twitter-crushes of mine that I was very happy to meet at Eroticon USA in Atlanta last year. Their stories are fun and very creative…their pictures are ones that make it difficult to keep a guy’s laptop flat on his lap.

Next, a gray lightsaber go to:

  • Stella Kiink – gray is a colour of strength. Again, a woman I’ve met and know something of her situation. Her strength and creativity has truly blossomed…and I like to think I sparked her to start writing again when she started posting, but even that feels like too much assumption.

How about a pink lightsaber:

  • Madeline Moore – the only one on this list I’ve not yet met in person…came close, once. She’s published a few novels…one of which, “Wild Card” I read on the plane going to Eroticon in Bristol last March simply under the guise that she had won an award for “best oral sex scene” in it. Class, femininity and a pleasure to read and flirt with.

Black…yes, we have a black lightsaber:

  • Malflic – such strong words come from this site, run by Michael Malflic, but joined by a team of writers and bloggers that can take their pieces anywhere. Again, in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of meeting both Michael and Lord Raven from this site. Think we have threatened to even work together on something…but that has yet to cum together.

We have a tan lightsaber, too:

  • Rebel’s Notes – a colour of elegance and trust. We met Marie and her husband in Bristol, and believe we have two good friends here. Her writing always impresses, and the courage of some of her photos always leaves me speechless. Always a fun and arousing read. One of the classiest dames of sex blogging…if I may say…and a great encourager for my writing.

Finally, we have the red lightsaber:

  • Molly’s Daily Kiss – really?…I have to tell you what red means? We had the pleasure of spending time with Molly, and her husband Michael, in both Atlanta and Bristol…drove across the UK with them, in fact. I have often said that Molly’s help has sparked what I now do on these pages. Both Molly and Michael have encouraged my writing, and when I ever get this bloody novel out they will get the first signed copies. Molly’s own site is always an exercise in fun, courage and information for those of us less experienced in any level of sex blogging or even lifestyle.

So yes, that’s it for now. I even created one of those icon thingy’s if anyone wants to add it to their site (not required…but think link back is always appreciated).

As for three years…that’s a wrap…and onto year four.

Thanks for reading and appreciate all the feedback as, good or bad, it helps me get better at this nasty writing habit. Here’s hoping that next year, I can change this to a nasty writing profession.


  1. *peers from under my dark drawn down hoodi*
    many thanks and the pleasure was ours in meeting you. I wish you many more years of wonderful writing and thrilling us with tales of delights and decadence.

    oh and I know our emperous probably mind wiped you when you were here in Atlanta but Alice was there too. She has that habit of making people’s mind go blank with her radiant beauty and sharp tongue.

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