Ride Piper

5465494709_88a0bfd4dd_b_dRed…a mix of cherry-red and orange, and it looked all natural.

Wolf grinned. His first words to Fox that morning had been, “I want to fuck a redhead today.”

Fox had rolled over and gave her husband a sleepy hug. “Just make sure she’s pretty.”

The woman who greeted Wolf at the condo door was very pretty.

The website was off on only one point, Wolf felt. She was right around five-foot-five and had a slender muscled body with ample, not huge, breasts that offered cleavage from beneath the black kimono she wore. The website pictures, however, had Wolf expecting she would be a bottle-redhead, not natural.

“Hi,” she said with a voice depended by cigarettes.

“You must be Piper.” He stepped inside with eyes fastened to her like rivets.

She nodded, rose to tiptoes and leaned in for a soft kiss that, due to Wolf not expecting it, was a touch awkward. The closeup, however, showed her pale freckled skin well.

The hallway was dark after the door to the common hallway snapped shut.

“Keep your shoes on and follow me.”

A quick bend and turn taking past two other closed door rooms and they were in a nondescript white-walled bedroom. The bed was plain in its white sheets and was the resting place for rough looking beige towel.

“Did you want a quick shower?” She picked up the towel.

“Assuming you trust me, I had a shower just before I left home.” Slipping out of his heavy coat, he laid it on top of the small kitchen chair beside the bed’s side table.

She smirked. “I think you look like the trustworthy sort.” Dropping the towel, she shrugged off the kimono to reveal red bikini lingerie over her slight curves and pale skin. As she moved back into his personal space, her light freckles appeared.

“Oh, fuck. One second.” He shoved a hand in his jean pocket and pulled out a fistful of bills. He thumbed through a few and stopped. “Fucking plastic bills. They were so much easier to count when they were paper.” He rethumbed, this time, without miscounting.

She accepted the bills and made them disappear. Back up on her toes, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Fucking gorgeous,” he whispered just before their lips met again. His hands began to explore her back and gave a brief firm pull on the red hair dangling.

Without reacting, she tugged his shirt out from his jeans and lifted. “So many layers when it gets cold.”

“Welcome to Canada,” he whispered as he reached around to unclasp her red bra.

The breasts beneath that bra were perfect, pale and freckled with cherry-like pink nipples topping them off.

A poor attempt at resisting was followed by Wolf bending forward and giving each nipple a turn in his mouth.

A giggle escaped her as she pulled at his belt and then fly.

Wolf straightened, sensing her waiting for him. First time etiquette, of course, meant Wolf had to remove his own jeans and unmentionables. He knew that a call girl only undressed men she had repeat business with as it was unsafe not knowing what was beneath that waistband. Stepping back from her, he pulled down on his jeans.

Piper gave another giggle watching Wolf as he one-hopped working to get his socks off. Once done, however, she moved in for more kissing and mushing her warm breasts against his bare chest.

He pushed her back on the bed, and crawled on top of her to continue the make-out session. A few more kisses and breast squeezes were given, before he crawled back down. Lifting her legs to where he had a calf either side of his head, he pulled her red panties off. “Oh, good girl,” he sighed upon seeing she was clean-shaven. Leaning forward, his tongue darted inside her.

Arching her hips, she coincided with light moans at his tongue painting her. Even a squeal followed as the tongue tip found her clit and played.

Rising back up and stopping only to run his tongue around her pierced belly button, he came back up for more kisses.

This time, however, her hand found his erection through the fabric of his black boxers. She grinned and pulled on him while their tongues interplayed.

Wolf pushed his boxers down and lay his full weight on top of her. His cock rested on her pelvis, waiting its turn while Wolf and Piper continued with more kissing. Piper rolled with Wolf as he left her and laid on his back.

Her hand gasped his length and her body curled around like a cat laying down. Her blue eyes studied the erection for a moment before her tongue flicked at it for taste. Soon, her warm lips kissed it and wrapped it, sucking the erection inside.

Wolf moaned and knew this was not going to last. He was too excited when he first arrived to last long before his own climax. Pulling her hair lightly, he guided her off of his cock.

Crouching, but allowing Wolf to guide her, Piper reached the side table and pulled a condom from the drawer. A quick rip and toss, and she held the latex in her hand to slip it over the tip of Wolf’s cock. Opening her mouth, she lowered over the tip and unrolled the condom with her teeth.

Wolf gasped again and shut his eyes. He only opened them after feeling her move, just in time to see her squatting over him like a baseball catcher and lowering on his erection.

Her young pussy wrapped around him tight and warm. Lifting herself up, she came down on top of Wolf with slaps of her ass against his thighs. A genuine smile, or at least Wolf thought it was genuine, grew on her face as she lowered until the cock was fully in her. More slaps followed.

Wolf estimated that he came on only the fifth slap.

Piper did not stop, however, and soon had Wolf well into over stimulation as he pushed her off with a moan and sigh.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Don’t be sorry,” she giggled. “That’s why you came, right?”

“I wanted to make you cum, though.”

She smiled and leaned in for another wet kiss and tongue exchange. “Next time.”

He nodded. In what felt like a blink, he was once again dressed and getting one last embrace before he was back in the hallway and heading for the elevator. Pushing the call button, he allowed himself to look back over his shoulder.

He would be here again, of this much he knew. Next time, however, he wanted to bring Fox along as well.

His cock hardened instantly with that last thought. “Fox will love her,” he whispered to himself just as the elevator chimed.

Piper pulled the sheets off the bed as she thought about her last john. After he had left, she slipped into green yoga pants and a black sleeveless t-shirt.

He had been cute, in an older portly sort of way. Strong beard and beer belly meant eye contact during the blow job was difficult. Funny how men love eye contact, but then let their own biology make it difficult.

The next door over from the bedroom was laundry.

Depositing the sheets in the washer, she pulled a fresh set off the shelf next to the dryer and returned to redress the bed. A time check left her with two hours until the next john would knock on her door and then complain when he couldn’t make her cum. She loved the sex and the attention, but orgasm was not easy when she was trying to make sure her partner was getting his money’s worth.

With bed finished, she closed the door and wandered down the hall to the living room. Inside, London sat on the black couch with her brunette hair held up in a towel and watching Drew Carey letting the first half contestants spin the big wheel. Compared to most of the girls that worked for this agency, London was older and almost 30.

The firm had twelve condos scattered around the city, and four in the suburbs just like this one. Two to three women worked each one, everyday, and they would rotate around to other locations depending upon which regulars might have booked ahead.

“Had fun?”

Piper rolled her eyes exaggerating annoyance. “Yeah, I guess. For a guy 20 years older than I am, he wasn’t bad.” She had trouble keeping her face from showing that she had actually enjoyed Wolf. Something about him was very attractive to her.

“Girl’s gotta do…” London said and flicked her cigarette into the old fashioned stand-up ashtray beside her.

Piper slumped into the chair across from Mary. Leaning left, she picked up her laptop and flipped it open. “But I like doing.”

London nodded and winked at the younger woman. “I like doing some more than others.”

After a glance at her homepage, Piper’s mouth dropped open.

“Everything okay, honey?”

No answer.


Hearing her real name, Piper snapped out of it. “Yeah.” She moved the pointer on the screen over to the sell button and clicked. Waiting a moment longer, she grinned. “I made ten grand this morning.”

“Fuck me, no! How…?”

“Bought some stocks last night that jumped this morning.”

“Then why the hell are you here doing this?” London smiled at her. “You could be doing that and…”

“Because I like fucking,” Piper responded with a return wink. “One day I’ll own this place.”

London’s gaze briefly turned back to the screen to see the large blonde hugging Drew and then making him jump with her. “I bet you will, honey. Let me know how I can help.”

Wicked Wednesday


  1. I like the Canada reference, you must be from around there =P
    Also, I learned that new customers must undress themselves. This is good for when I purchase my first experience.
    Also, I love erotica with condoms included, let’s be as much into reality and keep safe sex sexy!
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