Alpha of Dominance and Control

Meg pushed her hips back hard, feeling his tongue claiming her. Her knees, red and sore, shook with the want to no longer stay still.polyamory erotica

Evan, on his back beneath her, lapped at her pussy. “I do love tasting my cum from you.”

She giggled and twitched but, as Evan had commanded, she stayed on her knees above him. Her ass was warm from Evans’ earlier work, but his tongue heated it further as his stubble tickled between her cheeks.

He had drawn blood from her with the flogger this evening. It had been unintentional.

Although he had cleaned it up quickly, she imagined she would be going home with a light path of blood down her right buttock. The thought brought a grin that was pushed aside by her next moan.

His long arm reached up behind her and grabbed her brunette locks.

Meg’s head snapped back firmly. The hair tug pulled a much louder moan from her.

Her phone tweeted from the dresser at the foot of the bed.

“Shit.” Her shoulders slumped.

“Wait, I’m not done.” Evan tugged her hair again.

“That’s three in the last hour; I have to check in.” It wasn’t really a complaint as she continued her ride on Evan’s tongue.

Releasing her hair, both of Evan’s hands grasped her hips. He pushed his tongue in deeper than before.

A quick shoulder check and Meg saw his cock was bouncing back. Unfortunately, she didn’t think she had time to ride that cock again. The thought was pushed aside as the orgasm tore through her. She pushed harder down on his mouth, allowing her pussy to smother him in her juices.

After a moment of both panting, Evan pushed her off to one side and sat up.

“It was unbelievable,” Meg gasped. “I’m not gonna be sitting right for a week.”

He smiled and flipped his legs off the side of the bed. Rising, he went to the foot of the bed and picked up her phone. “Here.”

She glanced at it and thumbed it to action. “Yeah, I gotta go. He was asking where I was half an hour ago.”

“He knows you were here, right?”

Her eyes went to Evan. “Of course, Darryl knows. I just didn’t check in, and he likes to know where I am and when I’ll be home.”

Evan held up his finger and wagged it at her. His playful grin parted, and he licked his lips. “That’s a good sign that you lose yourself when you’re with me.”

She smiled back and nodded. Her eyes returned to the screen and thumbed in a quick message. “I better get dressed.” Crawling off the bed, she fished her panties off the floor and pulled them up.

“He’s alright with everything else I do?”

She pulled her blouse off the floor and glanced at him. “He’s not entirely happy that I let you cum in me.”

Evan’s face scrunched in a mock wound. “He doesn’t trust me?”

“He doesn’t know you.” She stepped to him and rose on tiptoes for a quick kiss. “I trust you.”

“As you should.”

She laughed and pulled her blouse on and quickly latched the bottom two buttons.

Stepping behind her and put a hand on her hip.

Obeying, she allowed herself to be bend over the bed and put her palms out for support.

He pulled her panties back down and stroked her pussy lips. “Besides, no matter what he says…” He slipped three fingers inside.

Meg groaned and closed her eyes.

“…this pussy is mine now.” Pulling the fingers out, he replaced them with his cock. His right hand, again, grabbed a handful of hair like reins. He chuckled. “He can wait, cause you’re busy.”

“Yes, sir,” she hissed.

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