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Author’s note: It’s been awhile since I’ve offered a new series here, and after a few weeks off it is about time I returned with a Wicked Wednesday post. This is the first part of a new project I’m calling “Black Rings”. Based on my notes, this one may go for a while. For the record, the last time I said something like that was the beginning of Savannah. This could be fun.

eroticaShe walked towards him from the club’s bar area. A grin crossed her lips as she thought he looked perfect for the thoughts of erotica that her mind was basking in.

He sat with his eyes transfixed on a ring on his right hand. A leather coat was open showing a dark button-down collar shirt beneath it. His graying, brown hair flickered with colour from the stage lights flashing.

“A long day,” she said as she slumped into the chair beside him and set her tiny pink purse on the small table beside her.

His dark eyes glanced at her as he lifted the long neck bottle to his lips for a gulp.

Def Leppard crooned about a photograph as guitars wailed and drums hammered from the club’s speakers. The place was an industrial warehouse turned into a club. The metal rafters were camouflaged behind many flags dangling; a decoration left over from a previous World Cup theme.

“Mind if I sit here?” She brushed a stray strand of blonde off her left shoulder. A playful smile graced her lips and her left hand “accidentally” brushed the top of his thigh. “I’m Daisy.” Her stage name still felt weird coming from her mouth after five years working at the club.

His eyes looked away for a moment after being attracted by the stage lights where another blonde pranced, now on her third dance and completely naked. His eyes returned to her. “Kline,” was all he said.

She wasn’t sure if it was a first, last, made up, or nickname; but it didn’t matter. “Nice to meet you.” Offering her right hand to shake his, her left squeezed the top of his thigh again. No way to be certain, but a hunch told her the name was made up.

All eyes in this place were dark, simply due to the lighting, but his had something devious and mysterious behind them.

“I bet there weren’t more than fifty guys in here all day,” she said just loud enough to be heard over the thump of the music. “We normally get a couple-three hundred or so.”

He growled and nodded.

This was agreement, she assumed.

“Snowstorm keeps the wimps away,” he offered and, again, sipped his beer.

“Yeah, the wimps.” She giggled. “I even had a new lipstick shade I was hoping to get opinions on. Do you like my lips?”

His eyes shifted down on her face. “They’d look better wrapped around something.”

“I’d love to do that for you,” she said with a wild smile.

“You’re drunk.” His leathery face cracked for a slight grin.

“Maybe.” She shrugged and looked at the stage. “Had a tequila and Tabasco sauce. Have you ever had that?”

He shook his head. “Tequila and lime, but not Tabasco.”

“Yeah, it was interesting.” She looked at him again. “By the fourth shot, I was feeling pretty horny.”

“Funny how that works,” he growled.

“Help a girl out?” Her eyes looked at his left hand and saw the gold wedding band. Drifting to his right, the band on his right ring finger was similar in shape but black.

He sighed as disappointment crossed his face. “I don’t have enough.”

In five years, she had learned how to read the men. Her observation said this was real disappointment on his part, and not simply a negotiation ploy. She stood and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I didn’t ask how much you had.”

He tensed with her so close.

Daisy’s right hand slipped between his legs and found that his slacks were hiding an erection already. “How much do you have?”

“Sixty,” he answered in a gruff voice.

She gave his cock a squeeze through the fabric. “I’m horny. Let’s go.”

He blinked as she pulled back from him. After taking a moment to let his eyes run over her pink bikini clad body, he got to his feet and left his empty beer bottle on the small table to his other side.

She led him between dark, mostly empty tables and into the VIP private dance areas. The VIP was also empty as she went to a back corner that was well hidden behind old fabric chairs. “I like this chair with the arms,” she said and gestured for him to sit in it. “It’s easier to get some good thrusting.”

He chuckled and sat. He pulled car keys and a mobile phone from his pocket to set on the table beside the chair.

She quickly pulled the bikini off before pulling a wooden, kitchen-type chair up, to sit opposite him.

“Again, I appreciate the sentiment, but I’ve only got sixty dollars. I’ll pay for three dances.”

Standing, she lifted her left leg and planted one of her high heels on the arm of his chair. It offered a perfect view of her already glistening pussy lips.

The invitation was not missed as he leaned forward and licked.

After a moment, she squealed, giggled and pulled back. Lowering into the chair, she leaned forward and began tugging at his belt. “Too much hardware. Oh, my.” Opening his fly, her hand slipped immediately beneath the waistband of his briefs. “You just got harder.”

He leaned back in his chair. “Do with it what you will.”

“I intend to.” She winked at him and pulled his penis out and set it between her breasts. Reaching behind her, she produced a condom package from the small purse. After opening it, she held the reservoir tip between her teeth and lowered her mouth over the tip of his erection. Holding the top with her lips, her hands unrolled the condom on him.

A new dancer introduction by the house DJ was followed by Howard Jones’ “Stir it Up” flowing from the club speakers above.

Lowering her mouth on him, she kept going until he hit the back of her throat and kept him there.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered. He grasped a handful of her hair.

Saliva dripped from her lips as she pulled her mouth off him. “You’re so thick. My pussy is gonna love this.” Turning around as she stood up, she leaned on her chair and lowered her ass onto him. Reaching between her legs, she guided the rubber-sheathed erection into her pussy.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he gasped.

“Good.” After only a few thrusts, she was off him again and turning. Bending over, she took him back in her mouth again and held him deep. Following this, she climbed onto the chair and dangled a leg off each arm while lowering her pussy back down.

His erection found the spot without a hand, this time.

She gripped the arms and began to raise and lower herself on his erection. “I’m gonna cum,” she whispered into his ear.

Reaching between them, his fingers found her clitoris and rubbed it hard.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she squealed. Her body shuddered, shivered, and collapsed on top of him. “I got nothin’ left.”

He laughed and kissed her shoulder. “No worries. You needed this.”

Pulling back, she looked into his dark eyes. “Yeah, I did.”

After both re-dressed, he pulled folded bills from his pocket, peeled off three bills, and handed it to her. The remaining bill, or bills — she couldn’t tell — disappeared back into his pocket.

“No tip?” she cried in a tease.

He sighed. “I told you my budget and was quite realistic about it. That’s my kids’ bus fare for next week.”

As her goodbye, she gave him a tight hug.


He started the engine of his car and waited for the engine to warm.

In exchange, the car radio offered Pink Floyd performing “One Slip”.

The mobile phone buzzed on the passenger seat.

He pushed the call accept button and waited for the car speakers to click into action. “Hello?”

“Hi, Bill,” the familiar voice of Carly, his wife, came through the speakers. “You heading home soon?”

“On my way now.” He smiled at the thought of cuddling with her in front of the fire after the kids were in bed.

“Great. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Could you stop for ketchup on your way?”

“You got it.” He put the car in drive and pulled from the parking spot.

“Did you fuck Bunny?”

He laughed. “No, she wasn’t there tonight. I did play with a dancer named Daisy, though.”

“Good time?”

“She was fun.” He looked at the black ring, again, for just a moment before returning his gaze to the road.

“I’m glad. Get home safe.”

“I will. See you shortly.”

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