The Snuggler’s Vignette

She put her feet up on the bench and looked out.

Her perch was sixty floors up. She doubted anyone could see she was naked through the hotel room window.erotica

Charlie snored from under the covers of the bed.

There had been worse johns than Charlie. In fact, she considered as the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle on the streets below caught her eye, Charlie was unique.

He had made her cum. Not earth-shattering, but she found the business made it harder for her to orgasm.

So an evening that began with her doing a lap dance at the airport club led her here.

She squinted out at the twinkle of the streets below and tried to remember the path.


Fiesta Zahn entered the darkness and looked over the crowd. Her eyes fell upon a man nursing a long-necked bottle.

They were all sipping from bottles like big children, but this john caught her attention due to the hint of a white shirt and red tie under his dark sweater. With his slumped shoulders, it was as if he were trying to hide in plain sight among lesser folk that he could not understand. He sat in a back corner where the girls here rarely ventured.

She sensed money and something else.

This guy looked like a gentleman.

Looks, as they say, were often deceiving, but they were the only place to start.

Glancing down at herself, she confirmed her pink bikini was in place, and her feet were strapped into the see-through platform heels so she wouldn’t fall on her walk over.

Her walk began; an eager walk, but she tried to turn it into a saunter. She didn’t want to appear too eager.

Disappointment hit the pit of her stomach at the halfway point of her catwalk as she saw Megan crouch beside him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

Megan was the Unicorn House’s buxom redhead. With a knack for the business, she made more money than most of the girls working Unicorns, combined. Megan went with the stage name Roxanne just so the older johns could feel nostalgic about classic rock tunes. On stage, she’d even dance to the music of Sting or The Police for the same purpose.

Attempting to look natural, Fiesta found a wooden pillar to lean against and look around. She caught a glimpse of Megan’s hand slipping up his thigh under the tiny bar table and figured it was over.

Hard to tell in the dark, but his smile seemed to be apologetic. He shook his head. His eyes flashed to Fiesta for a moment.

Megan smiled and stood before turning and walking towards Fiesta. “He’s waiting for you,” she said once within earshot.

Fiesta nodded and a knowing smirk crossed her mouth. “Typical. He’s just blowing you off as I’ve never met him.” Her eyes felt his on her again.

“It sucks when I can’t get nice guys,” Megan said.

“And not in a good way,” Fiesta pointed out.

Megan giggled and playfully smacked her shoulder. “You go get him. He’s watching you.”


“Probably not, Miss Astrophysicist. It’s either you he’s waiting for, or he might give up waiting for you.”

Fiesta sighed, not that it could be heard over the music. “I’m not an astrophysicist yet.”

Meghan eyed her. “You will be.”

Fiesta had only been at this club a week but had been dancing to pay off her education since the beginning. Now, eight years into that education, she didn’t need to dance anymore. However, it had become comfort food for her. Here, at the clubs, she knew what she would get as opposed to her work with the future Einsteins, Curries, or even those that thought Sheldon and Leonard were actually smart.

This was the first time Megan had actually spoken to her outside of politeness to a colleague. If anything, Fiesta had expected territorial arguments over guys, as she had stumbled upon in the past. Her intellect attracted some guys and not all the women working at these places cared about the rules of attraction.

“Good hunting,” Megan smiled at her.

She walked the remainder of her original path to stand beside the man.

His hair was grayer than any other color, and his round glasses looked as if they were from a past era. He turned and smiled. No question he saw her coming from his peripheral vision.

She crouched down to him. “How are you tonight?”

“Great thanks, you?” His voice was a deep baritone.

“I’m good, thanks. I’m Fiesta.” She offered her right hand. 

“I know.” Rather than shake it, he gently took her fingers and pulled until he could kiss her knuckles. “I’m Charlie.”

“What are you doing here today, Charlie?”

He chuckled and glanced towards the stage. “I’d guess the same thing every other guy is doing here.”

Her grin was tight, and she nodded. “Yeah, it’s a common theme.”

“You wanna get out of here?”

“A dance upstairs?”

His eyes met hers, and he shook her head. “Your shift was over at three. I have a hotel.”


She was impressed that he knew her shift, but the first instinct had been to say no.

His nice guy charm caused her to ignore that instinct. Well, those charms and the wad of bills he handed her helped. Her wallet, now $600 thicker, was on the hotel room dresser underneath her folded clothes.

She glanced over and remembered how it felt as he undressed her. Her jeans and t-shirt had felt underdressed for this place, but he had taken them off her just as sensually as he would have a little black dress.

Helping him undress, he stopped her at the briefs. Even as he snored now, they were still on him.

Instead, he sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap where they snuggled for most of the night. Her orgasm came from feeling his erection through the fabric rubbing against her pussy, but he never penetrated her with anything.

She loved snuggling. Her private dances always started that way as she craved the initial heat of bodies close together. The further warming as gentle, incidental touching brought excitement.

There was a minor disappointment in that Charlie’s cock was thick, and she would have enjoyed the feeling of him inside, but he made no move towards doing that.

The light green numbers on the clock suggested dawn was approaching as they clicked to 7:00 am. Outside darkness still ruled the skies for now.

The click of a hotel room key card and the handle of the door snapped Fiesta’s attention away from the calm only to have the hotel hallway light blind her for a moment.

“Well, well,” a female voice said softly. 

The door closed with a gentle metallic snap.

Fiesta could make out a tall female form at the entrance as eyes readjusted to the dark. Her feet were now on the floor, ready to move if need be. The form was Amazonian with beautiful curves.

“I go to the casino and look what he brings home.”

Charlie stirred. “You’re back,” he said in a sleepy, happy voice. “Win anything?”

Had he forgotten Fiesta was there?

The woman, a brunette with shoulder-length curls, hung a jacket in the room closet. “I didn’t lose.” 

“Mmmm. That’s good.”

“I see you won.”

He glanced over at Fiesta and smiled. “Oh, yes I did. This is Fiesta. Fiesta, this is my wife, Haley.”

It was an odd sensation in Fiesta’s stomach as she felt her flee instinct lower. She still wasn’t quite ready to hit the don’t panic button just yet, but she didn’t feel in danger.

“Did he fuck you?” Haley asked.

Fiesta’s eyes shot between them. “No, he didn’t.”

“Yet,” Charlie corrected. “Was waiting for you.”

Haley pulled her sweater off to reveal ample breasts restricted by her bra. “Good man. I’m horny.” She walked towards Fiesta. Haley reached behind her back and let her bra fall to the floor. Kneeling before Fiesta, she smiled. “Are you okay with this?”

“What is this?” Fiesta asked.

Charlie laughed. “Consent is mandatory.”

“We’re both going to fuck you now,” Haley said and leaned in for a deep kiss.

Fiesta pushed the don’t panic button as her tongue danced with Haley’s.

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