Unknown, Yet Sex Sells Everything

Sex is unknown.

Shocking, I know, but after all this time we keep redefining what is and isn’t sex.

Not all that long ago, I watched John Oliver interview a real victim that Bill Clinton apparently did not have sex with.

Yet now, oral sex is very much sex. Or is it? As I discussed two weeks back, some consider BDSM play, without penetration, as sex. Some don’t.

Depends upon whom you’re talking to.

Then we have another politician in the US that cannot spend any time alone with another woman for fear “mother” will think he is flirting with her and that is construed as sex in his world.

Time to flip the coin.polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

The boxing ring offers us a scantily clad female walking around with the round number. Bikini wearing busty babes are at all the car shows. Athletic studs are sold off at bachelor auctions for charity and fantasy. Don’t even get me started on football cheerleaders.

Allegedly these all are or, at least, were acceptable practices.

It is usually female sexuality doing the sales job, but one thing we can all agree on is that sex sells.

The problem is two-fold; honesty and judgment.

We won’t admit how many of our actions, purchases, or whatever are based upon sexuality in some way or another. We then turn around and judge those that do admit it or point it out.

Regardless, it’s just good family fun, no?

Now, as for the definition of family…that’s a post for another day.


  1. I’ll buy that for a dollar. seriously though it is true that sex does sell, even to the crowd that is afraid of offending “mother” (kind of Norman Bates if you ask me)
    We are sexual beings after all and the curves or strong bulging muscles are guaranteed to draw in the attention.

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