Whore’s Voyage

Undead Viking by CraigGA Viking has a Mongolian whore he visits in Constantinople. Upon feeling Viking’s are no longer welcome, and her realizing the Christians will likely want her out as well, the voyage begins when he offers to take her home with him.

Then, however, there are problems from shadowy ships to massacres across Europe to problems in the fabric of time. Whatever it is, it seems to be following them. The question is if they can out run it.

This series marks my second attempt at horror-erotica, however, this time with a side of steampunk. It is also a return to my habit of writing the ending first and working backwards…last time I did this was Welcome To My Bubble.

In that Bubble tradition, this series was written with a particular style of music playing in the background…

Outside of a couple of parts, this series will be exclusive to Wicked Wednesday.

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