Princess Union

Princess by XxsilvixXOf course we all know them. They have infiltrated our pop culture like few others could.

Some from the mouse kingdom, some from mythology and some from super hero lore…just to name a few places. There are many others, yet.

They are beautiful. They are friendly. They are glamorous. They are royal.

Or are they?

What if they all worked in one office building? What if they had everyday lives that, to the rest of us, simply appeared beautiful…friendly…glamorous…royal. What if they really were just some that knew the right moment to vogue for the camera.

Time to pull back the curtain on them.

With some help from one of their own…well, she was one of their own until she went to prison…we will see just what they are really like. Join me as we release her and see just what the real deal is with these alleged role models.

  • April 1, 2014  –  Fire Alarm
  • April 22, 2014  –  TBD

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